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Date:   5/18/2013 5:33:44 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hello, I've been suffering from symptoms that relate to Adrenal Gland conditions but I can't seem to get any headway with the doctors. I can't do much of anything honestly. If I exert myself too much, I get week, my upper back starts to swell up with intense pain so bad that I cannot put pressure there, my right arm and chest goes numb, I get lightheaded, and my heart starts to pound out of my chest. I've had it so bad that I wanted to scream in utter agony and I soon passed out. That normally happens when I work too hard or if I get to emotional such as enraged or intense crying. But every few days even when I'm not doing anything, I suffer from these but at a little bit lower level; with the exception of the weakness. I suffer from that every day for the past 2 years and only Hydrocortisone seems to make that back off. No doctor seems to care about my case, so I can't seem to get any head way anymore. I've had 3 ATCH Stimulation tests done so far. The first being around late summer of last year, showing that I was normal, but that was when I first showed the signs of something wrong in my Adrenals. The Endo I was seeing was from the Mayo in Florida and she said that I needed to keep an eye on it. I had another one done when I switch to a local Endo about a month later, which resulted with me having a lower cortisol level than normal, but not by too much. During this test, I kept having a swelling, intense pain in my back in the same location as described above. This was my first run in with what would be the norm. He told me he could put me on Hydrocortisone if I wanted to, and I said yes. But he didn't seem to care about the incident with the test. I had the nurses doing it make an official report of it. Anyway... All of the above symptoms vanished and I was my old self for a time. But I started devoping the same intense pain in my upper back where my kidneys are from the test. (I realise they tend to be lower, but my organs are weird like that. My appendix was almost in my leg.) With the pain, I'm always hearing a crackling, popping noise right next to the Adrenals when I shift my weight. I later had to switch to another Endo since the last one closed his practice about 2 months later. This one told me nothing was wrong because my skin didn't change pigment. He put me through another ACTH after a month of me not taking Hydrocortisone. It turned out normal. I still had problems as described, but he didn't care. My heart started to pound out of my chest around this time and I've had to go to the emergency room for it. I was never seen there because they put in that I had back pain instead of heart trouble, so I was never seen. I've seen a Psychatrist and she said I am not clinically depressed; I'm just down in the dumps because of no diagnosis after so long. I've seen a heart doctor, who said it's adrenal related. I've seen 3 different MD's, whom all of which, said it was in my head. This isn't the first time either. I had to fight so plenty of doctors for my appendix, which almost ruptured; and I had to fight just to get a proper scan of my gallbladder, which showed up as 100% dead. So, here I am. I keep thinking I'm not going to get any help, but then again, I've dealt with a lot of arrogant, self-entitled doctors, so I guess there's still hope. The point of this is I'm trying to get an opinion of those who suffer from Adrenal Fatigue or related to it, so that I have an idea on where I need to start fighting for when I visit a new doctor.

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