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Re: i finally found list of foods low in choline for tmau! by reira2012 ..... Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) Forum

Date:   5/16/2013 2:11:02 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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hi missfizi

i found your post very interesting but i dont understand english very well i want to know what this means if you could explicate me please:

"A full discussion of the treatment of trimethylaminuria
has been published elsewhere (36). These treatments include
restriction of choline intake, vitamin supplementation
with riboflavin and folate, restriction of dietary indoles
and glucosinolates, drug treatment with oral
Antibiotics , and the use of laxatives.

(with this diet low in choline we need to take supplements or not?)

The latter two treatments
are not feasible for long-term therapy. It is
likely that the FMO3 gene is polymorphic, and individuals
with different SNPs and heterozygous individuals
may present with milder forms of trimethylaminuria.

(i really didnt understand what this means can you please explain me with easy words?)

im so sorry if im bothering you but i dont find anywhere my answers is for this im asking you i hope you can explain me..

i have the same problem that you and i tried with the diet but its so difficult... now i can create my own diet with 100 mg of choline par day thanks very much.


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