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Specific Carb Diet + probiotic foods helps treat body odors! by corncob ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   5/7/2013 2:08:22 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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So theres this new diet ive got into recently. It's somewhat like paleo but not. The diet focuses on healing the root cause of majority of diseases which start in a unbalanced gut. Which makes sense, our guts contain trillions of bacteria and its easy for this to be disturbed with Antibiotics , fast food, environmental pollution.

The reason i talk about this diet is because not only does it help with candida but it helps heal peoples leaky gut. I think a lot of us today dont realize a simple problem like this goes unnoticed too often. A leaky gut can happen to any one of any age of any gender.

Theres a lot of confusion in figuring out where our smells come from exactly. Some people think it comes from their pits or groins or other places. The funny thing is i think like this too, thinking the smell comes from my groin region but in all honesty if someone has a leaky gut the undigested protein molecules will pass through the gut and cause a smell to be released via your pore wherever the invading food will travel in the body is where the smell will emit. This is why we experience a lot of different smells at times, sometimes it can be a strong pungent smell from onions or garlic other times it can be fecal etc.

Another interesting thing is the majority of us, the smell intensifies when we get anxious or stressed. Why is that? our guts recieve a lot of blood to trasnport the nutrients to the body. When the body is in a stressed state the gut contracts on and off and losses its blood supply for the flight or fight mode, Thus making symptoms of leaky gut worse ( Body Odor ) theres a lot of different thoeris on why but what matters is that they pretty much aggree that its made worse by stress:

another thing is to include probiotics to your diet! this is probably the best way to start healing the gut rapidly. I started eating sauerkraut with every meal and other things such as no Sugar added kombucha as well as natto. I took out all forms of processed Sugar (cane sugar, organic, coconut, ect) and only include fruits. and my stools barely smell now!!!! so i know its working. Ive been doing this for 7 days now and just recently fell on the specific carb diet which helps further tackel down the root of gut problems.

I havent started the diet yet but from what i read its a step up to what i was currently doing! i was still eating grains(although sprouted or fermented, which is healthier) and still i am experiencing problems... I noticed that i have a hard time digesting the complex carbs found in grains and such and i wasn't adding enough fruit so i was experiencing hypoglycaemia even though i was eating a lot of bread and sweet potatoes!!

Today i decided to cheat and i went and bought orange juice (although that made me feel better from the hypoglycaemia i felt earlier on) and a little bag of natural miss vicki chips. My stomach bloated up afterwards and i think my body oder has too.


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