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Intestinal Fungal Candida by diehealing ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/1/2013 2:21:09 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Greetings to everyone,

I have learned a lot from reading the various posts and comments here on Curezone, and it's been a wonderful learning experience and resource of information. I didn't think I would ever create an account, because I felt that reading everyone's bit of input would suffice, but I thought it'd probably be a good route for me to get some of your opinions on my particular condition.

My story begins in late January/early February after prolonged and incorrect usage of the acid blocker medication Prevacid. Initially the medication helped me with my excess stomach acid issue, but whenever I seemingly had the symptoms of acid indigestion or gas I made the mistake and took the medication again but it no longer helped me and it made me feel worse. Around this time I had fallen into the habit of eating and drinking high-sugar content consumables, i.e. pastries, dried fruit, juice. So in early February I started developing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that I never had in all my 28 years of life. This condition seems to have grown out of me incorrectly using an acid blocker and perhaps from my high-sugar content diet. My bowel movements became irregular and my stool assumed weird shapes whenever I did pass a stool, but most of the time I would excrete mucus with no stool and a lot of gas would sometimes accompany it. This progressively got worse. It got to the point that every late afternoon I would develop chronic intestinal gas that would literally last 2 hours and I had to use the restroom at least 10-15 times to pass mucus with no stool. It got so bad that I was beginning to think that I was developing colon cancer or something.

One day after suffering from an episode of this bizarre intestinal gas I became dizzy. I began to wonder what could be causing this, and something out of the blue came to my mind and told me to "research candida". I had first heard about candida several years ago or so, but I didn't know why the thought occurred for me to research it. When I did I was astonished at the various symptoms it causes, especially an overgrowth in the intestines. I began to read that it causes irritable bowel syndrome, mucus in stools, excess intestinal gas, abdominal pain, etc. I was convinced at this point that this was the root of my problem. After all, how could I just develop a functional condition after using acid blockers? I immediately began to remedy the problem by drinking a full glass of water with two teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar. Within two or three days the intestinal gas had subsided, but I experienced something else altogether that didn't make sense to me, and I later found out that it's called die-off. I had a low grade fever which felt like my body was trying to flush something out, chronic fatigue, flu-like symptoms, it basically felt like I was going to die after 2-3 days of drinking the apple cider vinegar in water. By next week I thought that I was approaching the end of it, so I decided to start eating raw garlic cloves along with the apple cider vinegar daily. After two days of not having the chronic intestinal gas, my bowel movements returned to normal and the mucus was gone, but that was short lived. The symptoms returned but then I began to take a probiotic and the mucus and intestinal gas disappeared again. I've now been in this cycle since early February and I've become obsessed with researching as much about candida as I can.

I cannot seem to completely eradicate the problem, and the funny thing is I've seen three doctors who don't agree with me regarding my self-diagnosis. They said that candida overgrowth occurs in people with compromised immune systems, diabetes, etc. I've had stool tests done and everything shows up fine. If it wasn't for the thought of "research candida" occurring to me in my moment of desperation I would've fallen prey to a doctor's misdiagnosis of a secondary condition that candida is mimicking. Besides the intestinal distress, I also had this weird dry/sore throat that disappeared after the initial apple cider vinegar and garlic remedy, and I also had a heart arrhythmia which was progressively getting to the point where I felt like the candida was collecting in my heart.

Anyway, do you think I have a fungal candida overgrowth? I'm almost certain that I do, but I just can't scientifically verify it, I can only verify it through gut instinct and intuition. My problem is mostly intestinal. Despite sticking to the anti-candida diet, cleansing my colon, taking probiotics and anti-fungals, I can only seem to mask the problem. I've had three colonics done, and I thought I was cured and began to eat foods that should be avoided on the candida diet and it seems to have brought it back even stronger. My next plan is to combine psyllium and caprylic acid, and take at least two warm water enemas a week. Any insight or suggestions are highly welcomed. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story.


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