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The Cure [+pic] by Richard05 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/25/2013 9:35:39 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I came here today to share my healing story. I feel obligated write this post now due to the bad things I have read here... such as the post talking about suicide...

I have been completely cured for many days. My lips are still recovering and returning the normal color. I do not remember the exact color of my lips before EC, but I think it was a normal pink color instead of dark pink.

This is what healed my lips: meditation...visualization of my healing and spirituality.
While living through this health drama all these years, I really wanted to understand why these things happened to me. The old question, why me? Before EC, I had many other health problems. All my health problems have been healed. In my work, I met a person who is now my friend. He told me about out of body experiences. At first, I did not believe much. As I studied it, I gained my own experiences and conclusions. I learned about conscientiology. Instead of a science, some people refer to it as a study of experiments that have already been proven by many researchers. Here in Brazil, there are two large institutions that do research in this area.

I'll leave a link here>

After 5 months of studying and practicing the techniques, I had my first experience outside the body. I have what is called clairvoyance, in which I saw things that would happen the next day. That was the biggest proof that I had what I was seeing was real. What I am living is very different from what is preached in religion. Religion preaches devotion to a God who judges people for them to become better. The big problem is that religion causes more destruction and fanaticism than helping people. Today I have no doubt that there is a spiritual world, but I know that the uniion of many of us is the God of the people. One day you will understand that there are no miracles because anything is really possible. But each of us must go after a miracle. There is no bearded old man in the sky judging you. You are your own judge who makes the disease or cure. Medicines can help people, but the pain one feels at the moment of despair is what makes the healing. Through pain, one learns to become a better person.

I was talking to some people on this forum by PM. One of them stopped to exchange messages with me after I told them what I was really doing for my healing. This serves as an example, if you guys are seeking spirituality... get their own conclusions... but keep it for you. Otherwise, people will want to get away from you.

In this forum, I see the same personality traits I used to have. I see people confront each other with their own principles thinking their values are above others. When do you think is superior to the other, you tend to treat him with insults.

We are educated from an early age to have spiritual ignorance.
The ignorance is a source of income for those who are in power.
Great personalities who I studied knew about the real spiritual world that people need to know. Obviously, these people did not openly share this with others because they knew they would be treated as insane. Healing comes by merit. It is only your own effort and your attitude that makes you heal. I now am aware of most answers to my questions, and I understand why many children are born sick, among other things. I am a lot more calm than I was. It gives me peace of mind, and I do things with much more attention than before. For example, it used to take me days to finish a book compared to how I read it in a few hours now. I really recommend you seek spirituality ... so you can understand what is happening to you. If you guys are not interested in studying it, I will give you some quick tips to speed your healing.

Meditate every day for at least 30 minutes... if possible in front of the sun in the morning or late afternoon. Think about the energy and the light of this sun entering your lips and making them heal. If there is no sun, visualize it in your mind. The power of nature is immanent... if you visualize it in your mind, you will absorb the subtle energy to solve problems. Another way to meditate is breathing. Just forget everything and focus on your breathing. Do not fight thoughts that arise... just let them pass and return to focus. This will help your mind remain silent and prevent negative thoughts. You can also try putting your positive thoughts towards something new that you have not yet tried. For example, I really believed that Pau d Arco tea could help me, and it healed all my skin allergies. I read on the forum about a boy who was cured with oral medicine for Candida and an antifungal ointment. If your lips do not get cured with hydrocortisone... try something else. But try with positivity and faith that it will work for you. If one day you guys decide to seek spirituality, you will see that what is in the remedy does not matter. Think of it of it as Science. The remedy sends information to your brain, and the brain sends back other information to make the chemical reaction in your sick organ. Only your mind will have the final decision in healing. The remedy is only an intermediary or facilitator. Thinking about it, you already know that if you have the willpower necessary, you do not need medicine to be healed.
Another key thing is the law of attraction.. you attract everything you think. If people here spend all day thinking about and commenting in the forum about disease and negative things, that is what they will attract. You guys can rest assured that you will only walk in circles. This forum is meant to help people, not to harm them. Therefore, let us focus on stories of success. Even if someone has a hypothesis, people are not going to value it if it has not been proven. So, get out of this virtual world and go live your life with positivity.

I cannot prove what I said is the truth. But I can say that I had my own experiences to prove it to me. When you guys are questioning something here...question in a healthy way so you do not offend others and think you are righteous.

I wish this post could be recommended because I know it can help many people with not just EC, but all diseases.

I will not have time to answer you guys. I already said more than enough here... so just make your own conclusions. Create your own experiences to have all that you want one day. Just think positive, work to be a better person, and most of all seek love.... not only for you but for everyone around you. I know this disease puts you down, but if your moods falls you will never get out of this hole. One of the secrets of healing is to seek happiness in the moment of pain.

Health and peace for all.


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