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Re: New to Group. Detox struggles. by Cautious Guinea Pig ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/15/2013 7:15:23 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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The following is just my uneducated recommendation and will likely differ from the advice of others:

For the painful breasts and lymph nodes I recommend that you self-massage the sore areas a bit every other day with enough pressure to cause discomfort but not too much.

Kidney pain has always been a sign for me that things are not right. I believe kidney pain is usually from the kidneys being challenged by having to eliminate a lot of toxic or foreign stuff that they would not normally be doing. I would recommend a short fast from all your supplements and possibly even food for a couple of days to give your kidneys a change and a chance to catch up. Something inside you or, something you are daily putting inside yourself, or some reaction between those two things is likely causing your kidney pain. I have fasted numerous times with just liquids for up to three days at a time, and it seems to do a body good. This last winter I lost 40 pounds in about 4 months while intermittently fasting and eating a low carbohydrate diet while in between fasts. I do not recommend taking weight off that fast however. I was under severe stress at that time and got quite weak. Putting your body into a fasting (self metabolizing) state occasionally is good. I believe the body prioritizes and metabolizes junk, unhealthy cells, and unwanted fat, and other similar sludge first while endeavoring to preserve what is most necessary. With no food or supplement input for a few days the kidneys, liver, and body can make great progress on righting any imbalances by selectively breaking down and excreting the things they always correctly know need to be done. Your kidneys have been keeping you alive flawlessly without ever letting any imbalance or toxicity kill you up to this point. Your kidneys are not party to the latest fads in supplements or swayed by the scant and poorly executed medical studies on most of those supplements; somehow they possess the correct knowledge on how to handle most natural, and even many unnatural substances in such a way that your body chemistry stays balanced at the precise point where your bodily functions all work and you stay alive. If only we could ask them for our nutritional advice! Well, we can't, but, when you have kidney pain, your kidneys are indirectly telling you something is not right. Your safest bet may be to ignore all the medical experts and let your body sort things out free of supplements and your diet choices for a few days. Likely your body is daily being given something that is causing a problem that may clear up quickly on a short water or juice fast.

It is in my opinion safer to take a break from your supplements than to increase them on the recommendation of well meaning strangers and to try to power past some unknowable imbalance or condition. If you or they guess wrong, you could end up taking a bad situation past an unforeseen tipping point and unleash a cascade of ill effects, while if you back off the worst case is that you have only possibly delayed your healing from what was ultimately the right prescription. I personally respect the opinions of those who have taken greater liberties with supplements than I have dared, but I also personally chose to err on the side of caution while my health is generally good and does not yet call for drastic measures. I'd listen to your kidneys.


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