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Re: possible list of drugs that will bar you from owning a gun in NY by Cautious Guinea Pig ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   4/14/2013 12:06:49 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Someone once recommended that I see a shrink. I informed them that I would not since in the future my gun rights might be compromised by such a visit. I now am proving to have been prescient. Being diagnosed or labeled can now haunt a person for life via our permanent governmental medical records. No doubt a visit could keep a person from certain careers, licenses, or security clearances in the future also.

It is one thing to wave your Freak Flag high, however it is entirely otherwise to have your government pin one on you.

Just like the government can have mine when they pry it from my cold dead hands, I'm not going to participate in any evaluation until they strap me down and shoot me up with "truth serum".

In spite of every company, school, and branch of government in America claiming that they want to promote innovation; innovation, innovative ideas, and innovative thinking, are the quickest way to get thrown out on your ear and called crazy. Everybody claims to be promoting innovation; but if you take them literally and try to apply some innovative ideas, you'll usually find yourself opposed, attacked, and made an example of so that none should dare try to disturb the status quo with innovation there again.

I find it ironic that in medicine everything must be "evidence based" and proven to the government beyond a shadow of a doubt before it is allowed, while with Gun Control all the evidence and compelling reasons for us to keep our rights are swept away in favor of impulsive emotionally comforting gestures that foolishly make subservient subjects and children of us all.

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