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Need some help sorting this out. AF or Candida or Heavy metals???? by prestonsmomma ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   3/24/2013 2:56:19 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi I had another forum member tell me to post my syptoms here. First off I am really confused on what is going on. I started a parasite cleanse 11 days ago...using Clarkia , Kroeger Wormwood , garlic, cayenne, ACV, lemon juice in morning, and just added some Diatomaceous earth. Before the cleanse I did some colon cleansing for about a week along with it with Pysllium and Bentonite.

First off I am a widow of 1 year and a single mom to an active 6 year old boy. So getting a lot of relaxing time is out of the question.

I also got off a lot of psychiatric meds...including a 12 year stretch with seroquel. I am still on a small dose of wellbutrin 100mg and Klonopin 1mg day. It is holding me over for now. I have been sick with fatigue, depression, anxiety for over 12 years. Meds dont help me all that much. I have been labeled bipolar but I dont agree with the diagnosis personally.

I need some help sorting this stuff out and money is really tight so I need the simpliest things possible.

My symptoms...some and most were here before the cleansing started

Fatigue...most of all of the day. I mean the kind that drags you down and out and you dont feel like moving, eating, or doing the simple things.

that is the main symptom. I do have some trouble sleeping but I am mostly doing okay being of my drug (seroquel) for sleep now over a month and doing well on

magnesium citrate 700mg
melatonin 10 mg
valerian root 1000mg
Taurine 500mg
Holy Basil (800mg) although not sure what this is doing?
Ornithine (just recently added for amomnia??)

I try to go to sleep by 10 but sometimes it is 11 before I get to sleep. I have to be up at 7 for my son to get ready for school. I can barely get out of bed. My son wants to help me...encourage me etc. So hard.

Some days I am tired until 12 others all day! I sometimes get some energy around 5pm to 8pm

I take a ton of supplements in the morning and wondering if I should get rid of some of them. Honestly not sure what they are doing anymore.

Good Multi Vitamin from health food store
Good B 50 Complex
Selenium 200mcg
Vitamin D 5000mg
Vitamin E
Vitamin C 2-4 gms a day
Green Tea
Magnesium 400mg
L-tyrosine 1500mg (help depression)
L-cysteine (dont take regularly
Co q10 30 mg
Zinc (30mg)
milk thistle
Folic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid
b=12 sublingual (shots once a week)
pumpkinseed oil
Rhodiola Rosea Root
NADH (dont take daily)
1 teaspoon of a Good Probiotic (refrigerated)

Also last year against my better judgement because the dentist said they did not put mercury in fillings anymore I had 9 fillings on pretty much all my molars. The front ones were composite. My teeth went bad after my sons birth from 9 months of being sick.

Not sure what to think of this but I hope to one day have the money to remove them and get them replaced.

I have had dark circles full circles around my eyes since my early 20's I am now 36.

All my bloodwork from my doctor show's good levels of thryoid, etc. My insulin was a little high and Sugar but that is the reason I got of the above med (seroquel-which is notorious for causing diabetes)

Vitamin D and Iron were also good.

So I cant figure out for the life of me why I am tired day in and out. If it is adrenal fatigue, candida, heavy metal...all of the above with parasites.

I could use some help. I rarely use antiobiotics, I rarely get yeast infections.

With the parasite cleanse...I thought maybe I may have passed some roundworms especially when I did a 3 day pineapple fast. Not 100 percent sure. Smelled like them.

Also garlic is giving me some kind of die off. I have been nauseous when I wake up in the morning. headaches though.

That is about it. Not sure what to do. Seems like so many options here.

As far as diet. I am going to be cutting out (wheat products, which I pretty much already do) along with dairy.

This does not leave me much to eat:

I do eat a lot of eggs, veggies, fruits (although I limit fruits 2 times a day) nuts. I did buy some oatmeal though to break the eating eggs every day. At dinner I eat chicken, pork, fish, or occasionally read meat.

Someone Please help I am at the end of my rope here. I have been crying all day just because I cant see the light at the end of the tunnel here...and maybe I am just depressed...although no antidepressants help too well besides wellbutrin.

Thanks so much.

PS: I am thinking of adding Licorice Root, extra b 5...and getting rid of the other adaptogen herbs. Just not sure yet.

I have read so much on h202 therapy also...just not sure here. I hate spending money if it wont work. I cant pinpoint what I have.

Also my concentration is poor...i guess brain fog. I just feel zombiefied all day.

Already thanks for reading my massive post. I hope someone with lots of knowledge with this stuff can help me out. I am really struggling and crying as I dont know what to do.


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