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Bad body odor urine and fecal smell by #116323 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   3/10/2013 1:41:05 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I have not posted a new message for a while. I see we have some new people on here. I just wanted to update everyone on my bo. So it's still horrible I still get the everyday reactions, people coughing, covering their noses, people making me the joke of the workplace etc.So I recently got a different job and I'm a very attractive female and there is one guy who is so into me but when he gets jealous or mad when he feels I ignore hime or talk to other guys he picks on my bo like making comments. I know some of you are probably thinking what's new bc we all live with these type of reactions everyday but it really hurts when a person that is attractive makes you feel good about yourself and then makes fun of your issue all bc they are mad. Like I was surprised he liked me bc even though I'm attractive most men don't give me the time of day they don't acknowledge me they may think I'm attractive from far off when they are not close to me bc they can't smell me but once they notice I have bo all their interest goes out the window bc they assume I am dirty and have bad hygiene. So when this guy would go out of his way to make me smile and gave me attention it was surreal bc to be honest I have not felt like a normal female for years and at one point I didn't have this issue and use to have alot of friends had boyfriends etc. So for a cute guy to show interest in me even with this bo made me feel really good about myself and then for him to pick on my issue simply bc he gets mad pisses me off. Anyhow, at first I thought he just felt sorry for me and that's why he went out of his way to be very nice to me but when I noticed he got jealous everytime I talked to others guys and noticed him watching me from far off then I knew there was more to it he is attracted to me and likes me I think. So it's bittersweet I think he is so cute but at the same time I'm always scared I'm gonna make him mad somehow and he is gonna pick on my issue. It really hurts bad when someone you think is cute picks on your issue. One day he was so mad he made a comment out loud and laughed I was in tears and barely could finish my job. I just wanted to jump out of my skin. See the reason he was mad was bc I kinda gave him the cold shoulder bc like sometimes he would say something like gosh underneath his breath and I just wanted him to know I'm not stupid I noticed your comment about my bo. I just didn't want him acting all cool with me then making stupid comments like that bc it makes me look like a fool. This bo is ruining my life I even went to the doctor recently to get blood work done to make sure I didn't have any medical issues that could possibly be making my bo worse since I had not seen the doctor for like 5 years and everything came back normal I'm 100% healthy and very thankful to God for that but at the same time still in the same boat with this issue no solution. I am trying chorophyll, probiotics, apple cidar vinegar etc. I just needed to vent and would appreciate any advice. My bo is usually a urine smell but sometimes changes to a fecal smell and it comes through my pores. I'm very clean take 2 showers a day, wear deordorant, and lots of perfume so this is so confusing as to why I have this issue I don't know what to think anymore. Like I'm so overwhelmed financially, emotionally by life already and this bo just makes it 10 times worse I;m scared I'll never live a normal life and what if that's true. People at work will pass by me laughing especially this stupid group of girls they always go out of their way to laugh at me it does not really hurt me bc I'm use to it and plus I'm almost sure they are jealous of me bc they are all ugly so the ugly girls always pick on my issue bc that's all they can pick on considering I'm very attractive. Most of the people at work are fairly nice and are not rude to me I mean some people move seats once they realize I have this issue but it's ok I don't expect people to suffer bc of me lol. As long as they are respectful I'm ok. I deal with comments everyday nothing new but most of the time people are respectful don't really want much to do with me bc of my issue and ofcourse somepeople are stupid and quickly assume it's bc of bad hygiene but if anything thats far from the truth and I'm probably cleaner then most of the people who judge me. I still have friends thank God but this issue is eating me up alive inside:(Thanks for listening I just need emotional support and advice.

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