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Re: Found guilty by Blue Eyes ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   3/4/2013 12:11:07 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Thanks also #23475 for the reply and feedback.. From what you mentioned, the dream does seem to relate with the situation with your kids. What I said, namely, the warning might have applied to a specific situation but it might also be an issue of a kind that occurs as time goes on” seems to fit well with your comment, “sometimes when I found out”. Your comment implies that probably there were a number of indications along the way that could have been perceived as warnings or an alarm.

My impression of the dream, however, is that there is something not quite right about your mind’s perception of being warned or given an alarm. It could be simply because of the vagueness in how the first sentence was recorded. When I think of a clock used as a timer, once it has rung, the clock stops. Since you are blaming yourself for having been naďve, I am wondering if your mind could be giving you the impression that you need to be on high alert more than is normal. If it is, it would be murdering your innocence which in this case would simply mean destroying your ability to think positively; to think as if there is nothing wrong going on when it is not obvious at first glance. The Lord does not regard this way of living as being naďve – because it is actually a safe guard for us. When we go looking for problems, when we suspect something is wrong, we are more likely to find it because our actions or thinking symbolically implies we wish to find a problem.

The Lord is not seeing this murder as having “killed unrealistic and idealist expectations about my kids” but is only seeing you as having been too hard on {note our expression “it was murder!”}your own innocence, naiveté and lack of knowledge from which such unrealistic expectations might arise. There is no wrong doing associated with a child and “murder” is illegal in the eyes of the Lord.

You say your self esteem has been shaken through finding that you have been completely wrong. But, the most important point the dream is making is that while your embarrassment is today’s news (the reporter with camera), it would not be a good idea to allow this standing image to stay with you. You cannot be expected to know everything and be aware of everything. You are not God! Don’t judge yourself too harshly.

I know that problems pertaining to one’s children can be particularly emotionally painful but it is very important for your sake and theirs that you find a way to regain your self esteem quickly or it can bring on more problems in that area of your life (because of the way in which the spiritual system works). Try to reflect upon those times when your self esteem was very strong and stay connected with those feelings and stay away from thoughts that bring on the pain of embarrassment etc. Good luck with your recovery.


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