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Re: Need help now by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   2/1/2013 12:50:44 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hello, there is cleansing that needs to be done, in combination with eating a plant-based nutrient-dense
diet. > By diet, think complete way of approaching food; complete change in thinking, not "diet", as a quick fix.

An enlarged liver is likely also a fatty liver. Please get a hold of a book called "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush", and read it carefully--additionally, you can find videos of the author speaking about the liver (and gallbladder) flush.

If you have access to great fruits and vegetables, you are in a great position! I would probably be "juice feasting", and having a large salad as my main meal. I mostly only eat one meal a day, but could never have done this some years back when I believed I had to eat every few hours. It has been Liver Flushing that largely changed my life. That and eating to live,rather than living to eat. First thing to go is anything processed--as you probably know. The good news is, the healthier you get, the more you love what is good for you. The liver is critical. Cleanse it of stones and gunk and you life will improve dramatically.

I just noticed you cross-posted to the Liver Flush Forum . I still recommend you begin by reading the book, if you can get a copy, since it is best to be fore-armed with your own clear understanding, coming from your own study/reading.
Then the forum can be a good place for a quick jolt of support, while you are undertaking the flush(es).

Too often, people on curezone will collect information from a number of responders, many of whom are still finding their way through the maze--and it is a maze. I have been studying health/healing since 2000, (self-study) and have only recently come to the conclusion it is a lot simpler than it appears. It's poor health that is complicated, most often by "treatment", meaning drugs, and "side-effects"; while good health is simple. Poo health begins with congestion. You have to unblock the body's systems; stop suppressing systems as a way of controlling symptoms; and begin to nourish the cells with live enzyme-rich whole foods.

Constipation is also a prime ingredient in poor health. (And constipation attracts parasites) The author of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush has other books that are useful, and cover all this...

The liver is also related to congested emotion. That's another thing to look into. . .

one step at a time.

here's a video of Andreas M oritz on the liver flush

Important. It would be wrong of me, or anyone here to give you anything that might amount to medical advice. I realize I have no business saying you likely have a fatty liver-- that is just my gut feeling. Liver Flushing IS helpful, but it needs a bit of preparation. Presumably a doctor told you of the enlarged liver, and perhaps can also tell you what factors are involved in it. Only you know, in the end, what's going on. meanwhile, I would stay well-hydrated, with water, and perhaps juices. (Then too, it is helpful to know that lots of people have water-only fasted, and it has done them good.)


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