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My current lip situation by peel1234 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   1/11/2013 11:05:01 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd make a post to let everyone know what I'm currently doing to hopefully cure my EC. But before I begin, here's some background info:

How I got EC:
About 1.5 years ago, I started biting my lip. I don't know exactly why, but probably due to the stress of grade 10 homework (which is not nearly as stressful as my current university workload lol)

Failed attempts to cure:
(LEAVE ALONE METHOD - November 11 - December 24)
In November, I began the leave alone method. I saw great progress on Daniel Millers website and so I attempted it. At that time, I didn't follow the forums on curezone or his blog so I was not updated on alterations to the leave alone method. In his blog, it said leaving the lips completely dry was what was healing him so I kept mine dry 24/7.

Anyways, after doing this method for one week, my EC spread to areas that never peeled. My top lip was originally only about 10% affected (the triangular area at the top) but after one week, the EC spread to 60% of my top lip, mostly the regions touching the bottom lip. Something was clearly wrong, so I started reading the forums on curezone and daniel miller's blog and I realized that, people began wetting their lips to prevent trauma. So I began doing that and the EC stopped spreading but it showed no improvement. I stopped the leave alone method on Christmas Eve.

(PROTOPIC - December 24 - January 4)
After 1.5 years of EC, I decided to visit my doctor. I was hesitant at first as many people claimed that doctors did nothing for them. Well, I began using Protopic while leaving my lips alone. The build up went down and the inflammation went down ALOT, but the affected surface area remained. I started noticing that the Protopic was making the surrounding healthy skin very delicate so I went back to the doctor and he prescribed me a new steroid ointment which wouldn't affect the healthy skin. Unfortunately, I can't say much more about Protopic as I only used it for a short amount of time. Aside from the Protopic making surrounding skin delicate, it was a good treatment option and possibly could have cured me in the long run.

CURRENT TREATMENT (January 4 - present)
I am currently using BetaDerm which is a mid strength topical steroid. I've been leaving my lips alone while applying this 3 times a day. My lips don't feel much different than while using Protopic but the surrounding skin is back to normal. Some crusts (upper top lip) have still been on since Christmas Eve which is when I began Protopic, and I'm hoping, if I can leave them on long enough, they will never peel again.

Regions of my lip peel at different rates but I've noticed the average time is about 1 week. The upper parts of my top lip have been on for upwards of 2 weeks while the lower parts of my top lip peel every 5 days, sometimes 3 if I talk too much.

The main thing I am doing though, is leaving the skin on my lips as long as possible while keeping them moist and supple. It's offically been 2 months since I started taking measures to cure this which also means, I haven't smiled since November 11. Smiling causes my upper lip to crack which is one of the hardest things about EC for me. I used to be able to smile but after attemping the Leave Alone Method, my top lip got much worse :( and now I can't smile.

BTW I'm a strong believer in the "moist wound" treatment. I also understand that steroids inhibit healing but my parents do not want me changing my current method of Betaderm to something else because they highly trust my doctor, as do I. If this fails, I will most likely try Healing2021's current treatment as he seems to be having the most success of anyone I've read.

Note: I might sound a bit harsh about the leave alone method but I have the utmost respect for Daniel Miller and anyone who has done the leave alone method. It is very hard, but it wasn't the method for me as it made my EC worse.

Stay strong, everyone! It seems like we are really closing in on a cure now. The leave alone method accompanied by some moisturizer in the long term could fix us. I will continue to update everyone on this forum, hopefully I'll see some improvement once some of my "two week old" crusts fall off.

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