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Re: Water fasting and bloating from water. by glaxony ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   1/6/2013 12:20:42 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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This sounds to me like you need to do a Liver Flush before you fast. If I am right and it is fat in your liver and soapy fatty conglomerations are built up in your gall bladder and you fast, the toxic release you experience by fasting could be long and horrible. Maybe even dangerous.

I say this because I had horrible bloating every time I ever ate anything for several years. I tried to Water Fast for only three days. It made me unbelievably sick. I was then encouraged to do a liver gall bladder flush. I felt so much better after it, that I decided to follow it up with several more.

I have now done 7 liver/gall bladder flushes. And I am pleased to say that I can now eat both beans and broccoli with no gas at all. They were the two foods that nearly sent me to the emergency room before. Everything else made me gassy too, but beans and broccoli were especially painful.

Once I had cleansed my liver and gall bladder several times, I tried Water Fasting again. It still wan't pleasant, but I wasn't scared I was going to die until day 10. The first time I tried Water Fasting I became afraid I was dying after 24 hours. And I am no wimp when it comes to system cleansing.

It doesn't sound to me like your body is sufficiently prepared for a Water Fast yet. So my suggestion is not to try Water Fasting until you get the fatty crud out of your system. That is what is making you bloat.

Also, please don't listen to just me because I have only done one 7 day water fast. There are plenty of people who know more than I do. Get everyone's opinion.

Make your own decision.

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