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Re: shud i continue to pull??? by dsr ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   1/5/2013 8:11:45 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi Jen

Want to thank you as I have been following you and yer protocol on here and have emulated you ! I have spent many thousand on my teeth and they continued to detiorate and had deep gums pockets. I was ready to give up and waste all that my money and have my beutiful new smile all pulled .
I have renewed hope with yer help and the things I (we) do!

Yes Dr. Manhart is going to be my dentist , he is a very nice man and he is not out to make a ton of money off a person. His office is 2 and half hrs for me, so do able. I got to say also he has worked on my bite several times and that has made a world of difference also. The chips are tricky yes, but what I do is wet the little stick, dip it in the packet get a few on there wipe it on my front teeth (top and bottom) then work them in between teeth and under gums if possible. I stick the bigger ones in the teeth futher back that I can reach. I really like the feeling I get from the chips, it only takes a couple of those little things in between teeth to do the trick. He did take xray of front teeth and according to him I have that cyst above my 2 front ones and until I heal that up my teeth and gums won"t stand a chance.

One of the things I do is the zylitol pulling with the Coq10, gotta say I really like that also. This is long, my spellings & pronunciation are bad. But bless YOU Jen !!! and good luck with yer smile!!!

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