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Question about the nature of gallstones. by 1234567 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   12/12/2012 1:29:01 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hello Forum :)

I cant say I am totally new to it. I read quite enough info about how to flash properly and myself have done 4 flashes for the past couple of years.

So I have a question. Last night I have done it and I passed a half of handful of stones (quite soft and green). By looking at them I thought.. COULD they be just olive oil I drank that day?? I remember somewhere i read someone guessed that way that it is not basically galstones but just olive oil u drank. So could it be that way?

Ok, jusst found an extraction from one BSA message - "What people pass during the flush may or may not have existed in that size and shape inside gallbladder or inside bile ducts.
Actually, some of those green formations are formed overnight, from bile expelled during the flush, and will dissolve back to cholesterol acids if left exposed to air and heat. Bile is composed from cholesterol acids, and can be of any color: green, yellow, black, orange, red, brown, tan etc". So it means that those green stones could be a mixture between real ones and the ones which were formed overnight??...


I went for an ultra sound and the doc said that my galbladder is larder then it should have been (chronic cholecystitis). I asked one of my knowledgeable friend and he said that if it is larger in size then in 95% cases it is Gallstones (even though u cant see them on ultra sound coz they are not cemented (hardened like stones). So any thoughts?

It doesnt bother me really but I do it coz the doc said chronic cholecystitis so I am doing it coz i want to fix it!




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