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Re: Acid or Alkaline? Which pH inhibits Candida overgrowth? by objoyfl ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   12/9/2012 2:01:51 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi wyndstryder,

I suggest every reading material you can get your hands on regarding an alkaline diet. Whoever is spreading the propaganda that an acid diet helps to rid oneself of candida hasn't got a clue.

The confusion comes into play because the stomach needs its acidity to help in the digestion process, during but each stage of digestion, assimilation,and elimination the pH changes, leaving the colon in an alkaline pH (in a normal gut).

I was healed from candida overgrowth by eating a high alkaline diet with supplements, digestive enzymes, Diflucan, and Nystatin powder. Nystatin powder is a natural fungus found growing natually in the earth that kills other yeasts and fungi. I'm not sure but maybe it is now grown and produced in a lab, but only for purity sake; it's still a natural substance, not a drug.

Also look up about a macrobiotic diet. This too promotes an alkaline system pH.

No person is ever "healed" from candida. Many people here seem to not know or simply forget that Candida is a natural product of the digestion and decomposition process in the gut. Everyone has candida. It's supposed to be there in every human. It's just that with people with lowered immune systems, for whatever reason, it gets out of control. That's why I always say "I was healed from candida 'overgrowth'." Just thought I'd throw that in because I see so many comments here calling candida a horrific disease, or how do I get rid of this? or whatever. It's not a disease and we will never get rid of candida. Normal people have candida; they're supposed to. The trick is to get it under control. Eating an alkaline-forming diet is key to this, because candida loves a rotting, putrifactive, acidic environment.


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