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Re: Reactive Hypoglycemia and reactive Arthritis caused by H pylori ?. by dave505 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   12/6/2012 11:18:38 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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i dont remember if I give you my opinion before :) but anyway...i think i did :)

basically what bad bacteria did they found besides H.pilory? this is very important. did they found anything else like protozoa?or parasites also?

H.pilory is feeding with carbs, gluten....and the whole shabang...

i»d suggest to have low carb only if in the same time (or soon after you started) you start also to treat the bugs. I would not recommend zero carbs. its really dangerous. very low carbs means also your immunity will be impaired and some strains of good bacteria can dissapear.

do you take acidophilus? in conjunction with vit.C (depends on your tolerance) and mashed garlic they are the best natural „keep in control“ agents for h.pilory. if you have adrenal fatigue be carefull with licorice root (some recommend it for HP). plus, acidophilus is the only strains tolerated by manyy with SIBO(bacterial overgrowth).

glutenfree bread are usually high carbs/starch. not ok for bacteria anyway. i think you should digg more on diet and try more. natway gave a good advice on eat carbs with veggies all the time.

regarding fat - i would try coconut virgin oil a bit. is also good for h.pilory and a source of good fat.

in my experince high carb , low fat diet it»s a big no-no for bacterial overgrowth.

i really apreciate your doc who review stool test results - he's smart but i dont buy that sorry „The evolutionary correct diet is the zero-carb diet based on protein fat and vegetable fibre. "

„As mentioned I've been low carb before and it seems to make my ulcer , gastritis and acid reflux worse.“ sometimes very low carb diet favors so called eucaryotes 9one single cells) like candida and giardia for example - dont know exactly the process but i dont care. it just happen this way.

some eat carbs at the principal meals togheter with veggies. try eating carbs which are not easilly to absorb -for me is brown rice . in my case 100g of carbs per day is enough. test some.

good luck,


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