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Leaving alone method for 10 improvement yet by Maxime77 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   11/12/2012 4:18:53 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi guys! Im Maxime from France and im back on this forum after a condition didnt improve since the last time and I was following the news here so i know that no one found a "magic formula" to heal.

I got EC 11months ago. It was not from bitting or picking my lips but because during holidays back home i used a lip balm constantly to protect my lips from winter and after a while EC appears.... after 1 month of EC i stopped applying anything on my lips. after 10 month of leaving them alone I don't see any changes in my condition...still the same peeling cycles every 3-4 days.

My EC is not "huge" though and I am able to live with it. we can see on the pictures that it concerns only the upper lip and the bottom corner of my lips. but still its very annoying when i eat or drink + my lips look a bit chapped pretty much all the time.

Hopefully at the moment I leave in Brisbane, Australia. over here the weather is pretty hot and humid all the year so it is easier for me to leave my lips free of balm.

Another problem i have is that kind of "brown spot" that you can notice on my lower lips. its funny because this stuff showed up at the same time as my EC i think. but i dont see how it could be related...I saw a doctor for that and he said it was called "oral melanotic macule". he also said that it was probably benign and that i could have surgery to "chopped it out" easily....i might do it soon.

back on EC, i was wondering if my toothpaste might be a problem. Does anyone know where to find a good natural toothpaste that would not be a risk for the lips?

Also, i just read a post of Healing2021 about a healing process using "Ictyane H.D"...i might try this and see how it goes......

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