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Re: Leaky gut, fatty liver, and belly fat by slate01 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/5/2012 8:13:43 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Anthony don't put yourself out there by making grandiose claims and statements if you can't handle being criticised yourself. Now you're pulling out the "poor me, I'm a victim" routine, and you're also being abusive, which is pretty standard for you. Let's just say you can dish it out but you definitely can't take it.

You said "Carb cutting causes a deficit of calories. The only thing left is fat to sustain." I was merely pointing out that a caloric deficit can be a good thing, and also that it doesn't mean that there is only fat to sustain. There is more to food than just fats and carbs.

Then you've completely sidestepped what I've said about some carbs also causing fatty liver and that potatoes are especially problematic - being high in starch and high GI. You've also avoided the topic of the healthy carbs that I mentioned.

With regard to your candida problem, did you ever consider that maybe it was the Diflucan that healed you of your candida and not the potatoes??? The reason I assumed that you cant have had candida is because of all the posts I've read of yours, you only refer to the eating of potatoes and other carbs along with the cutting of fats as the reason you are cured. Even if you did have a fatty liver the potatoes wouldn't have helped.

Have you ever had a liver biopsy to confirm that you did in fact have the condition? This is the only definitive way to diagnose fatty liver. Were your LFTs abnormal?

You accuse me of being negative and arrogant but you are only describing yourself. You make misleading arrogant posts like:

"A 6 pack is one of my favorite side effects of a high carb diet. When piling in almonds, meat, and veggies I was flabby. It´s interesting how they call belly fat an actual organ because it can produce hormones...I used to have hypothyroid"

But you fail to mention that you're also exercising, until you are taken to task by other people. This is all in an effort to promote your cure, to make out that the carbs just magically give you a six pack.

Worst of all you say:

"You paint me as inexperienced..that takes a lot of arrogance..have I attacked you and what you deal with? you do not know me"

How can you make statements like this when this is exactly how you've treated other people on this forum. Making presumption after presumption about their diet, referring to them simply as oil drinkers. You're the height of arrogance.

Look at how you make assumptions about AngelofEventide:

"Read angelofeventide´s post. SEE anthony! I ate a potato and got sick...OK this poster is not eating starches..leaving meat and veggies. Now where are his calories coming from if he is low carbing to where a potato was a big deal? his calories are coming from fat."

How do you know his/her calories are coming from fat?

Just to be clear Anthony, I don't paint you as inexperienced, I paint you as slack. Pure and simple. You have done next to no research on the topic you purport to be knowledgeable on, and you bank on other people being as slack as you so that they'll accept your ridiculous claims as fact.

You can't go around telling people with candida to load up on potatoes to help their liver when that is the very thing they should be reducing, both for their candida problem and to prevent fatty liver. It's irresponsible and you know it.


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