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Re: Use the Force by #158262 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/19/2012 9:11:18 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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i think all the spiritual development avenues are very cool. so many roads to go down. but as they say, all roads lead to rome, so it probably doesn't matter which road you take.

just to be clear i would never judge anyone for eating animals. the defensiveness came about from other people just when i brought light to the situation. incidentally, not a single one of the points i brought up from graham's book was addressed. grizz said that he lost weight and you say that re eating what you crave.

i just made the point about it because it should be self evident to anyone who is on a healing or spiritual journey. it is as self evident as the golden rule, or that sunshine and nature are good. it is like being an alcoholic or a drug addict, these are difficult problems to overcome. but the alcoholic must first realize that drinking themselves to death is in fact a problem before they can overcome it. without the realization of this fact, they are certainly doomed to remain at a certain level of being.

the world has become so toxic that for some people it may be a necessity to eat animals, even though this is clearly not how the human body was designed.

probably when you have reached a far enough level in your detoxing routines, cleared out your liver, kidneys, intestines, and gotten rid of enough metal and chemical poison you will be able to return to not eating animals. maybe the Iodine will keep you strong enough. many people's bodies are breaking down at such a rapid rate that the instinctual response is to to eat what they crave. this is easy to understand. but every action has a consequence and this cycle comes at the cost of a sentient creature's life. with fruits, nuts, grains, tubers, vegetables, legumes we don't have to worry about any karmic incurrence.

the buddhist, socratic and indian traditions were well aware of the dullness that eating flesh brings. people become very defensive about their flesh eating, probably because deep down a part of them knows that it is incorrect.


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