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Re: Bartholin Cyst Wont Respond To Treatment by Sufferer ..... Bartholinís Gland Abscess

Date:   9/30/2012 1:12:30 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I'm sure your Bartholin cyst problem has been resolved by now, one way or another. For other women reading this, if you are in the same situation as the original poster, keep on doing sitz baths/hot compresses and whatever else you have found. If the cyst is not growing, it is a good thing. One of my Bartholin cysts slowly drained itself after 1-2 weeks of consistent, hot sitz baths with Epsom Salt and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender mixed in. It did not grow - just remained the same size for about a week until it started to slowly diminish and finally went away completely. So long as it is not growing or becoming painful, you shouldn't worry.

A Bartholin cyst can be linked to unbalanced hormones. That's why they so often come at a the same time in a woman's cycle. For some women, it's just before or during menstruation that they seem to pop up. Since birth control pills adjust your hormone levels, I would not be surprised if they are contributing to your cystic problem, both in your Bartholin gland and your face.

I have had three Bartholin cysts in six months (two of which became abscessed). Each time, it begins to appear a couple of days before my period and I simultaneously have cystic Acne breakout on my face. There is a clear connection. My body is telling me my hormones need to be adjusted. I would advise all women suffering from Bartholin cysts to have a hormone panel done. I had one done and discovered my progesterone is severely low, so I am going to buy an OTC (over-the-counter) progesterone cream and see how that helps me.

I have also ordered Serrapeptase. It's a remarkable enzyme that breaks down many things (inflammation, arterial plaque, blood clots, non-living tissue such as scars) but most importantly for us, it breaks down cysts. My mother had fibrocystic breasts for many years, but after taking Serrapeptase, her cysts went away. I'm very excited to try it!

I am hoping that this combination of adjusting my hormones back to normal levels and taking Serrapeptase regularly will PREVENT any future Bartholin gland cysts. I don't want to just treat the problem. I want to solve it. I can't afford more visits to urgent care and the ER. Not to mention how very painful each experience has been! A Bartholin abscess is debilitating, excruciatingly painful and interferes with basic daily functions. Not to mention how stressful it is for loved ones who can only sit there and watch as you endure the pain. My poor husband...

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