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Re: **urgent: black salve/bloodroot users must see this** by DJThompson ..... Bloodroot Forum

Date:   9/18/2012 11:30:08 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Stephen Barrett, M.D. is not only a nutcase who was discredited and shamed in a court of law, he's a fraud. The photo he uses for his attack on salve treatments shows a woman undergoing surgery who has had tissue from her face surgically removed, not eaten away by some unknown salve. Anyone who has used bloodroot salves themselves would know the difference. I have. My website, was mentioned earlier, and the thigh photos are of my own leg. So are some other photos on my salve pages of family members. We've been using black salve since 1996 on a variety of problems, some not even normally associated with salve use. I've got a jar of the homemade salve in my fridge and have used it numerous times on several people in my family and otherwise. The idea that this salve is "corrosive" and will burn away tissue wherever it's applied is nonsense. I've applied it several times where all it did was sit there and at the worst, turn skin pink. One incident involved a close friend. It turned out she had a tumor almost filling up her uterus, which had to be removed, but it was benign. No cancer or fungal infection. So when I tried the salve treatment it sat on overnight and barely turned her skin slightly pink. I've tried it on a couple of moles--nothing. No reaction at all, but on some other dangerous-looking moles the salve went crazy, although it healed up without so much as a scar.

Don't get me wrong--if you apply the salve and there is an external or internal cancer that is wide-spread, it will go after the abnormal cells. Anything that opens up the skin, kills abnormal cells and allows for noxious elements to be expelled is normally going to leave a scar, but but nothing like a surgical procedure that has to cut out bad tissue and everything around it. Healing from salve treatment is a whole different ballgame. All of us had flat whitish scars that have faded with time, or left no discernible scaring at all. But for a big cancer, yes, you can count on scars.

For cancer treatment, all of the reputable sites strongly suggest a much more involved protocol. You can remove a cancer, but that doesn't change the conditions that allowed cancer to develop in the first place. That needs to be addressed. The right diet, detoxing, superfood supplements, life style changes--they are all part of being cancer-free.

Also, when doing a salve treatment, allowing the site to heal and then re-applying salve to see if there is any more reaction is always advisable. Sometimes it takes more than one application to go as deep as needed and make certain the roots are killed, otherwise cancer can regrow. And without changing the conditions that allowed cancer to develop, it can certainly come back. Salve is a "weapon" that has been used for centuries with great success, but only part of a healing arsenal.

As for conventional cancer treatments, chemotherapy has something like a 2.3% "success rate"--that means the patient is still alive after 5 years. Make that 6 years and the statistics are reduced. Doing absolutely nothing at all, and there is an estimated 5% recovery rate. Do the math. The statistics are averaged out. Some types of cancer treatment have a much higher cure rate, some none at all. Tragically, many people die from conventional treatment itself. At least that doesn't happen with bloodroot salves.

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