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Re: Best SCD Yogurt Maker? by Fondues ..... SCD: Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Date:   9/5/2012 1:51:27 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I looked all over for a yoghurt or yogurt ( why do they have two different spellings when they are defining the same thing) maker. Anyhow, a yogurt maker is hard to find, most yogurt makers have that dreaded toxic plastic container. Well, I researched crock-pot slow cooker knowing they have a glass or stoneware inserts that are sturdy with easy fitting air tight lids and are built to last. From my research a slow cook crock-pot apparently lacks a 100 degrees on the temperature gage, the warmer on crock- pot runs between 80-90 degress .. so you have to rig it up with another gadet. Rigging is not for me! Crock- pot manufacuters better wake up and see a major demand building! Anyhow, I called all over the city I finally found a yogurt maker at Sears. We settled on Cuisine Yogurt maker like I said we settle, it does not have a timer, it makes a very low pitch noise, and it is plastic, but it was the two quart size which is nice, we did not want all of those little cups with lids , we felt that was a big waste of time, energy and space in the fridge. The SCD book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, clearly states a very IMPORTANT point that you absolutely must ferment the yogurt for 24-hours, which virtually eliminate all of the lactose. This 24-fermentation of the yogurt is what heals your digestion. Many people have been healed all of their digestion issues by eating this yogurt and following the SCD diet. Anyhow, the thought of having to use plastic for 24 hours yogurt making process was really out of the question. How we addressed the plastic insert is we recently bought a wide mouth two quart Mason Jar, which fits in the yogurt maker The yogurt maker lacks so many things, such as a timer, it has numbers on the yogurt maker for up to 12 hours it really looks like a timer, but actually the person making the yogurt is the timer everytime an hour passes by YOU turn the lid now how retarded is that? We actually thought that was hilarious! It did come with a food thermometers and it had marked the two temperatures you will be usihg, which was 182 to sterlize the milk ( even though you buy the milk at the store this is the best precautionary measure to resterlize it) and the other temperature is 100 to ferment the yogurt. Clean up is easy. After purchasing the yogurt maker. I later realized we had a fondue maker for parties, and it has a warmer, timer and stoneware insert with a nice lid. Now I wonder if that would of worked... it is just a thought for some of you that are still looking for yogurt maker. I have yet to find a yogurt maker that does all the things that it needs to do. To me a perfect yogurt maker needs to have two temperarures one to sterlize the milk, and then one to ferment the yogurt. That way you do not have to wash the pan you sterilized the milk in. It absolutely needs a glass insert with a glass lid that is air tight. The insert should have small handles, it needs a timer and it should be completely quiet when running. Though we have new granite counters I do not like placing the yogurt maker directly on the granite I prefer it either has legs that place it inch off the counter, I have round granite cheese board that I put the yogurt maker on while it is on just to be on the safe side .

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