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Re: New to parasites and not enjoying them!! by vengefultrust ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/20/2012 11:30:50 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Thank you for responding and sharing your experience and advice. It helped to hear what you went through, how you've improved and what did and didn't work for you. I will definitely try to take your advice regarding getting and staying on a cleanse long term. I keep thinking I should have known something was wrong and that I could have stopped it quickly and that's hard to deal with. The thing is I switched over to vegetarianism back in Feb, and I have also had a lot of stressful events in the past year, so I really thought all of the things I was feelIng and the weight loss were connected to those things. I guess what's done is done and I need to stop being mad at myself and focus on healIng.
I'm so glad to hear you've come so far and that your dog is doing so well too. These days it seems not much is good or bad anymore. It's always conditional.. One herb or pill or type of pill will be celebrated for its ability to lower cholesterol or strengthen your immune system or whatever, and at the same time we will be hearing reports telling us to stay away from the same substance because it's been proven to increase your risk of colon cancer, or raise your blood pressure. You never really know how your body will react and you have to make the choice for yourself if you want to try it or not. Same with the dog. I have heard garlic is bad for them so I'm careful to keep it away, however I once fed our dog a ton of raisins, not knowing raisins can kill them... And I still didn't know til I read it somewhere years later. She had no symptoms of illness at all. So you just never know. I'm glad the garlic worked out for your dog and I will do some research on It and keep it in mind.
Thanks again for sharing and being so helpful. I hope to see some positive updates from you in the future about your situation :)

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