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Re: A Vegan No More - The Story of a Recovering Vegan by vjgee ..... Diet & Nutrition Support Forum

Date:   8/15/2012 8:35:17 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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THANKS for your story on Vegan-interupted. My gawd, Total Wellness (sic) Gretchen Goel has created like countless pages on her(self). I was searching for help about veganism as an addiction and I only got her Total Wellness dis' on your blog, and the feeling you got ambushed by her followers. She's got something to sell and she's got a million pages to sell it with. Anyway, I wanted to relay the bits I put together today, in support of what you have been going through. Can't thank you enough.

*****I submitted to "Gretchen" blog, though I doubt she'll publish it, with reference to her reference to yours:
"Vegan is okay if you've never had an eating disorder. Anyone with an ED is in the category of "a recovering", similar to alcholism. People can't quit these behaviours anytime they want--a third-of the time, one can't kick an ED ever. A recovering anoretic (aka anorexic) is suspect if using vegan--as a crutch, and it seems a trigger--if someone "is vegan," boom you're there, jumping into disordered behaviours to "try to do it right" (no such). Good policy is to "never say never," eat whatever you like, enjoy what anyone serves you. Humans are scavengers. There is no regimen we are "meant" to follow, though I like the "spare the animals" thing but it doesn't do any good to go on about it (sort of like politics and religion, not a topic raised in polite conversation). I'd not heard of "orthorexia" until today, it's obsession with "eating right" which, as everyone here seems to agree, isn't what even veganism is trying to do. A person afraid of something (eating "wrong") is in the throws of difficulties which amount to mental illness. I'm not a qualified nutritionist but when it is their job to get people healthy post-anorexia, a mantra of restricting anything but poison from diet will put one on their watch-list. After nine years of ED, if surviving as a (forever pre-menses?) vegan is all that's left, that's good, we'll take it."

*****I submitted to your former webmaster, though it's longer than their usual posts:
"Ironic, came across reference to Tasha’s blog while researching: recovering from veganism, as that is my take on my daughter’s plight–and I came across site referring to Tasha’s points of view while pointedly providing no link. The site “… perhaps they [sufferers of eating disorders] would benefit from talking to a Vegan Dietician or Plant Based Nutrition Educator like myself who is EXPERIENCED in helping people with eating a nutrient dense vegan diet. Really, why are they contacting Tasha at Voracious Eats?” Head-in-hands I wrote mild response before searching for Tasha’s original blog post–which Scrappy Wellness Mentor didn’t provide. I am SO glad I found this Shout-Out Design explanation! God love-ya Tasha. I am sorry to hear slights from wrong-headed amateurs thwonked your efforts to communicate a valid view. “May they taste the spoils of their success,” and may it be non-vegan."


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