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Re: Your Hypoglycemia may not be Hypoglycemia, but Toxic Hunger! by natway ..... Hypoglycemia Forum

Date:   8/15/2012 1:30:00 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Yeah, the anxiety was the worst part for me too! That's why having a glucose monitor was essential for me to even think of trying it. I think I was monitoring my Sugar every hour for the first part of the day!

I only did my veggie juice fast for a week, but fortunately, my hypoglycemic-like symptoms (toxic hunger) went away after only the first couple of days. It was really easy for me. Almost kicking myself how easy it was! Not going to say it will be the same for others though.

I had meat cooked and ready in case my juice fast sent me in a low blood Sugar dive. Suffice to say, all that meat I prepared just in case went to feeding my dog for the next couple of days! I haven't had meat since doing this, except a little fish, and that was almost a month ago now. Never thought I'd be able to do that.

You don't have to do a juice fast. You can temporarily go on a vegetarian diet of mostly raw foods to detox yourself out of toxic hunger. I just think a veggie juice fast would be the quickest way. You could juice along with that temporary diet too.

The amount of veggie juice I drank was about 32-40 oz a day, sipping it throughout. I juiced a lot of cabbage and greens, like kale, and went easy of the carrots and beets to not make it too sugary. A little lemon juice was the only fruit juice I added. Helped kill the bad taste of all the green vegetables!

I do have AF from all the lack of sleep caused by my condition. I'm still trying to come out of it, but gave me no trouble during my change of diet. I did have a blood analysis and like you, everything in me was off. No supplements ever helped me though, most likely because I was always eating that poisonous high-animal protein diet I thought, felt, and was told I had to eat or else I'd die. Little did I (and all my doctors) know that diet was slowly killing me.

Let me make it clear I'm not advocating or becoming a vegetarian. I'm just detoxing myself for a while from eating too much meat (and other bad stuff) for so long before slowly adding meat back into my diet. It's just like sodium, eating too much, or too little will eventually cause health problems. You got to find the balance.

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