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Several things working, Anyone else try? by Lel ..... Restless Legs Syndrome Forum

Date:   8/12/2012 2:49:27 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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There is a lot of RLS in my family. My grandmother suffered terribly....Uncles and Aunts too...My Mom has it and I've experienced it on and off through the years...But no issues currently.

My Mom had it really badly though and was walking the house every night for decades with the RLS getting progressively worse all the time. I spend years researching the topic and having her try different things. She is now thankfully doing REALLY well....By well, I mean she has had RLS one night over the past 2 months. This would have been unheard of in years gone by.

Here is what we believe is helping:

1) Very low dose Mirapex (While this helped a lot, it did not eliminate the RLS)
2) At night before bed, she tests her urine PH with a PH strip. If it tests acidic, she takes 1-2 Alka Seltzer GOLD tabs.
3) Natural Factors, VeinSense. I had researched a product available at the time in Europe called Diosmin that was used for Chronic Venous Insufficiency (Also used for Varicose Veins). In doing the research, it occurred to me that it may also work for RLS. So we tried it.
4) Moducare (always on an empty stomach)

....But back to my reason for posting. We tried many, many, many things over the years. Sometimes we thought something was working, then any improvement would again be lost...UGH! Anyway, we finally decided to cave in and have my Mom try the Mirapex at a very low, low dose. It helped. With some adjustments, we were able to find an optimal low dose that diminished the RLS frequency and severity but did not cause any adverse effect.....But there still was quite a bit of RLS.

Next came the Alka Seltzer GOLD as explained above.

The problem is we tried the last 2 around the same time and that's where we got a lot of improvement and now don't know which caused the improvement, or if both did, but don't want to stop either to find out.

So my question to all of you....Have any of you tried Moducare or any brand of micronized diosmin or hesperidin for your RLS? IF so, which and what was the effect?

Would also love to hear about anything that's working for you.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

God Bless! (:


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