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Re: Question for those whose dental fillings came off. by CharBee369 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/16/2012 11:26:51 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I've been a curezone patron & advocate for years. I've also been a heavy forum user for even longer, and still remember the original AOL chat rooms. We all know how catty some rooms & forums can become; Down right E-Violence, I-Threats, online cliques & web bullying, etc. That being said, eventually, I fell away from joining forums & decided to be a "reader" instead.

Well, TODAY, while researching a few topics on curezone, I came across a post that so disgusted, perplexed, & frustrated me that I simply had to read the whole thread.

MH!!! I totally congratulate you on your reply. While it appears VERY Direct & comes across harsh... Kudos. Someone had to step in (immediately) and correct that Tom-Foolery before some unsuspecting curezoner came along & trusted ANY of those words!

Forums are always open to difference of opinion; but, here, where there is so much reliable information, so many trained & knowledgable ppl (resources), and a grouping of mature & respectful members.... Well, I expect more responsible postings.

And for someone to post sooo much info (as if it's factual aid), when it's truthfully a mix of opinion & personal experience only... REALLY BOTHERED ME.

I just wanted to give you Kudos, because each next thing I read nearly had me pass out. I was aghast!! Bad bad bad Advice. all around.


Opinions & Experience ARE FINE. That's what Forums are for. But, careful wording is required. Especially when attemtping to dole out Actual ADVICE. Other, less informed users may believe & follow suit.

Everyone- research your water for yourself (you can absorb bio-available minerals from sea water or sea salt better than organic rock minerals from below ground/dirt). Those minerals need to go through several layers of breakdown before they are chelated enough to be abdorbed in the human digestive tract or mucous membranes.
NO, I'm not advocating switching to Sea Water (you'd die of dehydration, but supplementing like a treatment or dose daily is Fabulous! Or add some sea salt to your drinking water.... Which coincidentally should never ever be straight Tap Water (unless desperate = don't end up n the hospital like an elderly family member if mine b/c U ran out of bottles of water).

Like the poster above MH mentioned; DRINKING WATER MIXES WITH CLAY DIRT. Plenty of people do that, but NOT for daily drinking water. Calcium Bentonite Clay for example... People use it topically & internally FOR CLEANSING & HEALING. It has POTENT drawing & drying & absorbtion properties. Not for daily use.
Think about this: how dangerous would it be to drink Epsom salt water everyday? Probably mor dangerous than drinking Sea water everyday.

Personally, I wouldnt even use distilled (for daily drinking) unless I was on a fast... Why? Because I think (chemistry, osmosis, diffusion) that it would pull other "stuff" into it...
Like if toxic : pull out bad/extra stuff (GOOD)
Or if Healthy : leach minerals from bones & teeth (BAD)
I mean, I know how molecules, cells, & receptor sites work & can grab onto different things depending on the circumstances inside the cells, outside, pH, and what receptor is empty, and what is available to be given up from other cell, ion exchange etc... Just NOT THE EXPERT in this yet

Does anybody know more about this?

It's NOT GOOD to give your words TOO MUCH weight as the best advice
It's GOOD to SUPPORT your statement with Facts that others can easily research & validate, right?
It's also GOOD to let your opinion be just that, especially if you don't have any stellar results to go with it


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