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Smart to do NB along with Lam protocol? by nyckid10 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   6/12/2012 7:44:27 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone,

I want to build up some adrenal reserves. If you read my previous posts, I am in deep stage 3 adrenal exhaustion. My issues are mainly stemming from candida detox that I was doing too quickly - and not giving myself a rest. I do belive that metal toxicity and mineral imbalances caused my candida. I chelated for a year in 2011 using DMPS IV and cutler's protocol. I also detoxed via infrared sauna and coffee enemas. I was also taking a lot of minerals during this time, not including copper or iron.

I feel like Lam's method might help with rebuilding my adrenal reserves. I also feel that a lot of people who have had adverse reactions with his protocol might have already had a big load of metals of mineral imbalance in their system...and maybe his protocol might have caused a dump of copper or something...and subsequently making the person worse off. I also want to do the Nutritional balancing at the same time. I really don't have time to be testing out what works and what doesn't..

So my main question to anyone who has any experience with this issue - would it be wise to do both Lam's protocol and Nutritional Balancing at the same time? I know vitamin C would probably cause certain deficiencies or what not....but would it totally negate the benefits of the nutritional balancing?

Thanks for the input.

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