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I cured my aggressive periodontal disease!!! by Ambrosia13 ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   6/11/2012 11:02:18 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hello, I'm 33 years old and have been suffering from aggressive periodontal disease for the last 8 years. I've had scaling and root planing several times, been put on Antibiotics several times including low dose Antibiotics everyday for over a year. Nothing worked and I lost a tooth cause I had lost so much bone in my upper jaw. The periodontist wanted to just pull them all out and put in implants (which is insanely expensive!) I then paid $6,000 and had laser gum surgery. Still my teeth were loosening and I was in constant pain...
I then read about high dose vitamin C therapy to treat various diseases. I was intrigued how closely periodontal disease is similar to scurvy - which is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency.

So I started taking a huge amount of vitamin C. The first day I took 20 grams of vitamin C - that is a gigantic amount that should cause diarrhea but had no ill effect. But I woke up the next day pain free! My gums were actually pink and not red and puffy and bleeding! It was like a miracle!

That was six months ago and my gums are healing and my teeth are no longer achy and loose. I had to take large doses of vitamin C for quite some time but slowly tapered down - I now take between 2 - 5 grams a day depending on how my gums are feeling. I cannot skip a day and if I'm sick or stressed I notice I need more. I take it in powdered form at lunch and dinner.

Please, please, please try vitamin C!!! Its cheap and it works! Please give it a try! I know how horrible and painful this disease can be but its so easily curable - your dentist just wants your money!!!

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