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Date:   6/11/2012 12:20:20 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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The Gospel of Philip was another document not included in the New Testament. They were documents and writings that survived for a time and were even passed to the Gnostic people of the southern region of France, the region Mary Magdalene fled to at the time of the alleged crucifixion of her husband, the individual known as Jesus the Christ.

This is the reason why the pope and the church turned on the Gnostics and invaded them in the first Crusade with the intent and purpose of destroying the people, for they had the documents and the paperwork that could prove that much that was considered the truth in the New Testament was indeed manufactured.

Therefore, the Gnostic people were a threat to them. There is another name for the people of that region of southern France which can be found in the book known as "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", as well as in the books and writings of Mary Magdalene. Because there were existing documents, the truth of the historical time that occurred around zero and afterwards is such that the New Testament is not a true and accurate description of the historical time, but rather a fantasy that was created by those in charge at that time, for the purpose of controlling those who became the believers of Christianity. It is not seen that this was some sort of Jewish plot to put their faith in these early texts but rather a completely different matter altogether. There were some who believe that it was some sort of Jewish manipulation, but it is simply not seen to be such.


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