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Re: Need advice with candida overgrowth and dr christopher's anti candida program by Hveragerthi ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/13/2012 1:37:30 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Was reading abt what uny shared about dr Christopher's formulas nowadays..thing is I just ordered the anti candida program ( by David Christopher) to be rushed shipped to me, because I have a very bad case of breast feeding thrush. The thrush has gone into my ducts and the nipple is bleeding and raw due to cracks. (sorry! But true..) it's been more than a week, and of course I am desperate, so I ordered the herbs..( I believe in herbs and refuse to take anti fungal drug orally ;(

My questions:

1) I have problems moving my bowels for past two days even after starting on LB ( abt 14 dropper fills per day) dare not take more as my baby is still breast feeding and he has loose stools today. Once I get my intestinal sweep, I intend to take it to kill the yeast, but with my current congestion, is it a bad idea?

2) if I can't increase my dosage of LB due to baby, are there other safer ways to help move things along?

3) this program is by David, is it reliable and tried tested? If any one out there has experienced it, could you share?? I intend to follow it to a tee. That's before I read uny's posts abt dr Christopher formulas.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

I cannot find anything on is Candida program so I cannot give you any information on this.  I did find the ingredients on the LB formula though:

Barberry Bark, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Cayenne, Ginger, Lobelia herb and or seeds, Red Raspberry Leaves, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Fennel, Golden Seal Root.

Barberry and goldenseal both kill the intestinal flora, which can aggravate Candida and lead to IBS.  Barberry and goldenseal also damage the intestinal lining after a dew weeks of use.  These herbs also raise blood pressure by decreasing potassium and can drop blood sugar so they are not advised if prone to hypoglycemia.  Because of the issues with the berberine herbs I personally do not recommend their use, especially when there are so many safer alternatives.  The berberine herbs are goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape root and coptis (goldthread).

Cascara sagrada and turkey rhubarb are anthraquinone stimulant laxatives.  Stimulant laxatives like these will weaken the intestinal muscles leading to a laxative dependence after a week or two of use so I also recommend avoiding these herbs as well.  Other anthraquinone rich stimulant laxatives include senna, Cape aloe ( Aloe ferox) and Curacao aloe (Aloe barbadensis).

Constipation has a number of causes, but can often be treated with increased fiber and water.

Building up the flora can also help with constipation and Candida in the gut since the flora regulate peristalsis and control Candida.  Fiber will feed the flora.

You can also apply kefir on and around the nipple to help with the Candida here.  The skin also has naturally occurring flora that help to maintain the skin's natural healthy acidic pH.  As the skin loses its acidic pH the skin is more prone to damage and infection, including Candida.  The flora also help to protect the skin from other infections such as bacteria through the production of bactericides, acids and peroxides.

The nipple skin is actually a source of flora for the baby as well.  During breast feeding the baby ingests the flora in the skin and in the breast milk that help build up the baby's own flora.

Something else that can help is after breast feeding apply a little kefir on the tissues then rub on some sunflower seed oil.  The oil helps prevent the skin from cracking and the oil is a great source of vitamins A and E that also benefit the skin.


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