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Re: My Entamoemba Histolytica Story - for UnCanned by jazzydude ..... Parasites: Protozoa

Date:   5/10/2012 1:52:36 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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>people posted about Cahill before, but they were "all" frustrated, because they had not bother reading up on these parasites....the healing period is as you also know slow to begin with.....people then panic, go to other doctors, or try other remedies, then think they got cured by other things...many were totally confused.

Which posts are those?
What I remember from older posts is that most people got a diagnose but a couple were not happy with the dr experience (for lack of better word).

You are talking about EH? Aren't there different recovery times for different parasites?

>This is why I do not just throw out the medicines here and there without giving people proper information or where to find information about this.

Telling people what worked for you can help people that got a diagnose. Are you planing to stay here for the rest of your life telling people the medicine you took only after they got the diagnose? If the information are already in the books why not make it easier for people?

>1. Proper diagnose is important, because several parasites can give similar symptoms.

Yes, very important, but knowing the best treatment is also very important!

>2. The healing period on several parasites are many months, not days or weeks. If people do not have proper diagnose they will just try this and that and not know what they had or have...or what cured them. They will again give other people wrong advice.

By not sharing the information you are hurting people which are likely to do the right thing because you fear some people will do the wrong thing. Without proper information people are more likely to do the wrong thing.

>3. Drug resistance is a real and serious issue. One of the reasons the medicines used for Histolytica are so effective can simply be because almost no doctors use them for their patients on regular basis without diagnose. For example metrandinazole that many doctors give patients for all types of parasites that they not have diagnosed we know from literature many parasites have become drug resistant too. Several people with symptoms not too different than EH was indeed diagnosed with other parasites, they needed other medicines.

I see this as something against not sharing information. If you don't share the information people will more likely use the wrong drug and create a drug resistant bug.

>4. All the information is widely available in the best books on infection medicine that I have posted links to several times. I am surprised how people not are willing to spend a few hundred dollars on books, and to read them. Many people will get not only one parasite infection in their life, but 2 and 3....

I really appreciate the links to the books. The links are real great information! However some of those books are over $100, IIRC at least one is out of print, not everyone have the money or have access to buy those books even if they have enough $$.

>Now people can go and meet top diagnostician they should do so... the medicines for any infection is widely available in all the best books, and also on the internet....unfortunatley just trying one protocol after another is not a good is bad for health and can yes increase risk of drug resistant sub-types coming in control

Most people can't go and meet with top diagnostician, but what about the people that were lucky to get the right diagnose at a lesser lab but are treated by a dr that have no clue? If the information for the medicines is already in the Internet why not share what worked for you?

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