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Re: Glaucoma out of control..meds have too many side effects by #138308 ..... Eyes Problems Forum

Date:   5/6/2012 1:42:28 AM ( 5years ago)
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I tell people about frequency generators (zappers) and macular degeneration because it worked for me. Im cured. I try and tell people to educate themselves on these type healing techniques..

If you have MD I used a varizapper and program driver for eyes.Z736 used it for 2 weeks. doc said i was cured on my next visit.
A good site for information and frequency list at
Frequency World. com
Tons of info on microcurrents written by doctors.

look at all the frequencies for all the diseases, youll see MD under M. glacoma under G. looks like this:
Eye disorders (blurred vision, cataracts, crossed eyes, diplopia, infections, etc.) - 1830, 1600, 10000, 880, 787, 727, 20, 1552, 160, 350, 360, 2010, 1335, 496, 400
Eyes (glaucoma) - 1600, 1830, 880, 787, 727
You would program these frequencies#s into the programable frequency generator. let the program run. do this for about a week and see what happens.
good luck


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