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Re: Clearing up the misinformation posted by shrimpy by TropicalBoy ..... Parasites: Protozoa

Date:   4/20/2012 4:05:47 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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There is no evidence garlic is a cure for Histolytica in infected humans, to even kill some histolytic some places in the human body is far far enough to get rid of histolytic. There are also several Antibiotics that can kill very very effectively some stages of Histolytica in big part of the human body, they have been well tested on several animals, and on ten thousands of humans, yes they kill some stages of Histolytica in some parts of the body very effectively, but they typically do not give a cure, the medical Science already know why these medicines used mono therapy typically not will cure (many doctors not reading the big books clearly do not know, they are just like you they treat based on not having made an effort to study what we already know, it is in the big books, but one actually have to bother spend may be a few years study every page of very thick books) . This is why they either are used in combination with other meds (by the few doctors actually reading and following the books) that take out histolytic where these other meds do not work well...or another type of Antibiotics are used that clear out Histolyrica where it actually is (in most cases)...there are also been done plenty of research here on if on how to take this medicines, how they should be combined etc.

So again your references to killing some Histolytica in hamsters are may be a good early early step to yes indicate yes garlic has some interesting properties here, but that is about all you can say... you must stop claiming things you not can claim. There is a far far step to have some killing abilities of some stages of Histolytica to cure a human being infected by it.

There are for sure thousands of substances and methods that can kill Histolytica, most of them cannot be used because they are obviously dangerous for humans, there are even many substances that has documented very well effect in killing Histolytica and that humans can use, but that do not cure Histolytica (because the many points I mentioned under this thread already)...there are just a very few substances ( Antibiotics ) that have very high cure rate for this bug...

Yes garlic has some effects against many bugs, so what? It contains interesting go from that and to claim it cures Histolytica in Humans is pathetic without any evidence of it.

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