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Need help with a diet plan. by Intothewild ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   3/22/2012 5:38:06 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi there sup?...

Been suffering from this crappy odor of various degress for like four years now roughly. Some times its tough, some times im fine. Some times i think ive cured myself but well i havent yet because im here. Im still not sure if its coming from the anus or what though, i thought it might have to do with my (tiny) hemmorhoids but now im not so sure. One thing i know for a fact is that it seems worse like after i go to the toilet so im not sure if theres like some stuff behind or whatever but i dunno about that either.

Ive started taking enemas at night after my bowel movement(last thing before bed) and that seems to have made a difference im also drinking like 50 drops of grapefruit seed extract Grapefruit-Seed-Extract with my 2 litre bottle of water during the day and that along with the enemas means i feel pretty good right now all things considering.

One thing i would like to do is start a anti candida or whatever diet seems to be working for people who have this. Does anyone have any like diet plans or links to sites with them or just any information or tips so that i can get started on it just as a kinda experiment to see where it goes? Would be much appreciated.

I would also say to people that i know this is tough, its a challenge, but there are a hell of a lot worse things you could have. I have a friend whos got testicular cancer and its spreading so it can get much worse.
Ive been lucky that ive still got my brothers and some of my friends so i dunno how it feels to be really isolated but if i was i would def try and meet people who were suffering like i was through the net. It seems like a rational and logical thing to do and im looking into it myself just to get other peoples points of view. Anyway keep your heads up.

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