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Re: O/T Vitamin D: New study shows 40% reduction in menstrual pain. by norx ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   3/22/2012 11:42:58 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Although well past the age to need/try it for menstrual cramps, D3 seems to be the best method I have found so far for shrinking the very, very painful lump on my left achilles tendon, allowing me to resume a much needed walking program. Thanks to all the other posters on D3 recently, I have had the courage to again consistently take what I had previously thought was too high a dose - 10,000 IUs. It is helping me sleep better most nights. Thanks to t2t, I am also doing the K2. I usually take the D3 with some fish oil, since it is fat soluble, sometimes with kefir, sometimes with blackstrap molasses. Thanks also to darr for posting the info from Dr. Stasha Gominak's site on D3.

This recent info prompted us to get my husband's levels checked, as well as his B12, since according to Dr. Gominak, this runs low in D3 deficient people as well. His levels were both in the tank. I know that the average D3 level is usually lowest in March (from Dr. Hollick's book), but my husband is the first person I know personally to get his levels checked. This is a clue as to perhaps why his health seems to have been declining the last several years.

Our neighbor, who is out in the sun all the time, mows her lawn several times a week, broke her foot at the beginning of the fall season, but she did not know how - stress fracture? Her D was also very, very low. But she does not have a lot of fat on her body, if any - a very skinny woman. I wonder if the lack of body fat, even though more than adequate sun exposure, is also a reason for low D. I forgot to ask if she wears sunscreen.

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