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Re: Hi guys, any success, in determining the cause of fecal body odours yet????? by #135505 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   3/12/2012 4:38:24 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hey. Since you sounded like you were having a bad time of it (and I was there recently) I thought I would post results to you early on. I had a bad time of it this past month so I decided to throw everything at my fbo at once. I cannot smell the fbo (had it for 10 yrs or more) but I can smell my strong armpit sweat.
When I notice this, I know there will be a lot of comments at work. I am on FODMAP diet for over 6 months but still get comments...can still fill a room etc. So I am now taking Chlorophyllin (again), digestive enzymes (new), goldenseal, and cayenne. I also do castor oil packs and take it internally once a week as a flush. I cannot tell if it was digestive enzymes or saline enemas but in the last 3 days the armpit odor has almost disappeared. I don't have to reapply deod. and change my shirt half way through work now. The only thing new in the last 3-4 days I did were the enzymes and enemas. If you haven't tried enemas yet, I suggest it. I never did before and it solves the incomplete evacuation I have each morning despite high fiber diet and Miralax daily (for months). Hope this gives you some hope and hang in there. Hope you keep trying supplements and something finally works for you. Also, someone from another board told me to research excocrine pancreatic a reason why dig enzy work for some people and why some cannot digest food totally. Keep the faith.

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