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Mercury poisoning after zapping. 6 amalgames. Thyroid pain.. by marnoti ..... Mercury Toxicity Forum

Date:   3/7/2012 11:20:55 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hi. This is my first post in the Mercury forum. I have been posting in the CZ parasite forum before, as I have been fighting parasites after having lived 2 years in Indoesia.

One month ago I did the terrible mistake of doing an hour of zapping, two days later I started to feel intermitent pain in my Thyroid. I have been suffering from these thyroid pains that come and goes for almost one month now.

I went to the doctor and did the blood test for Thyroid; now waiting for the results. But I know something is wrong there, and I am pretty sure is from the mercury leaching of my amalgames. Funny thing, or maybe not that funny, was that right before doing that single zapping, my wife called me from Europe and she was pretty weird on the phone, maybe a sign, she felt that I was about to do something very stupid. Anyway, now I am afraid I have ruined my Thyroid, and I have no idea of what to do. I am more sensitve to cold, that's for sure.

CAN ONE HOUR SESSION OF ZAPPING REALLY LEAK THAT MUCH MERCURY AS TO DAMAGE MY THYROID? Zapper sellers says is not dangerous if you have metal in your mouth, but in the end, they only want to make money...

The doctor I visit was really doggy, he didn't give a damn about my story.
What should I do? Who I should see? I am in US, and no insurance, so that's another issue. Is there some home remedies to treat the Thyroid?

I will definitley removed this bloody killer metal from my mouth once I go back home, one year from now.

Thanks for your help!!!

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