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Re: Candida Rashes - any suggestions for treatment? by stimpy99 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/19/2012 8:41:04 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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That's funny, I had pretty low blood pressure the last time I got it checked it was several months ago but it was 90/60. I had a hair analysis done almost a yr ago and it said my sodium and potassium were both really low. The iridologist I saw said my potassium is super low too. She said the cell salts should help that. She recommended I take the magnesium drink "calm" to help with the constipation.

Is malic acid bad to use then? I think it is also an antifungal? Maybe I should cut it to 1/2 teaspoon a day instead of 1 tsp. Is that what you use?

She had this biofeedback machine that said I needed the Wormwood . The dentist said I had parasites and he had me taking emulsified oregano for about 45 days, I am not sure if it did the trick. The first day I swear I saw a ton of huge worms, but that was about it. I think Wormwood also helps with candida?

Yes, before when I used to take antifungals I would get terrible die off. Plus it didn't help that the constipation is so bad. I tried humaworm several months ago and I got terrible die off from that also. I did see a bunch of what looked like threadworms at that time. I tried syclovir and that also gave me hellacious die off. The last time I really ate Sugar I did feel like crap afterwards. I don't eat it at all now except for the occasional item that has agave in it. I do get brain fog, but I have no idea what is causing it?? Sometimes I have it, other days I feel OK.

I looked up the powder curability mentioned, but the only stuff I can find has fragrance in it.

If you are saying you heal from the inside out, does that mean I am well on my way of healing? (wishful thinking) or it might be that the candida was hiding in my liver and the flushes caused it to come out and inhabit other parts of my body? One other weird thing is that I used to have really bad vaginal pain, like a terrible burning. THe Liver Flushes seemed to have helped that, I don't really have the pain anymore, but now I have these rashes.

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