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Re: Candida Rashes - any suggestions for treatment? by stimpy99 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/19/2012 11:47:21 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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yes, it is food grade DE. Ok so you did it for about a month? Yeah, I am also concerned that it seems to be spreading now with these bumps developing. I also got a rash back on my right hand, which had gone away for a couple of weeks and now it is back and huge.

I don't know how to figure out if any particular food might be causing it. I gave up Sugar over a year ago and dairy longer than that. I think it is linked to the Liver Flushing and that small intestine cleanse that I did because that is when it developed. I haven't really been doing any antifungal treatment since then, because I was on this regimen that the holistic dentist gave me.

I am going to start drinking Essiac Tea, have you ever heard of it? I read about it in Andreas Mortiz's book. I took it in with me to the dentist and it muscle tested very strongly. Candex and some probiotics from renew life that I had also tested good, so I am going to take those too. It was funny I took in probably 20 different supplements I had and only those 3 tested that I actually needed them!

I have other rashes on my chest and back that I have had for probably 4 yrs at least now, which before I knew better was using steroid cream almost daily on and keeping it under control. The tea tree lotion works ok, but not that well against it. I don't know if that is related to candida, or if that is just having toxic blood. The iridiologist I saw recommended a few products and one is a blood purifier and she also said I could try putting that on my rashes and acne. It is called blue flag from a company called good herbs. Maybe I will just wait and try that.

Thanks again for your help!!

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