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Re: Thinking... Feeling... Being... by befurther ..... Conspiracy Forum

Date:   2/18/2012 7:38:48 PM ( 5years ago)
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"That is what I have come to know."

By thinking.

"I will tell you where your were, you were lost in thought."

Perhaps I wasn't thinking and that is why.

"You performed the action like a robot."

How about like a human.

"So much coloring done by the minds of the children. Coloring by the minds of everyone. Everyone wears a different set of colored glasses. Its a metaphor for what the mind does to whatever it processes."

Ah distinction, separation, difference, ad infinitum. See how the combinations of words are infinite.

"You must be terrible at writting and reading poetry."

Another compliment from an immoralist message.

"There are several methods that one can use. Everybody's mind is different due to the ways its been conditioned over several years of one's life."

This directly contradicts your other message.

"We all have the same kind of mechanism called mind. I don't say I am an expert, but the mind works similarly."

"Expressing Laughter for an extended period of time can also be a way to experience this. Throwing out repressed anger is yet another. (For you I would suggest a well-padded cell for this (-: and rember not to hurt yourself.)"

Personal attack...I'm rubber, your glue....

"There is also dancing, whirling (as in Dervishes) has also been used. Long distance runners have often times experienced what is called a 'runners-high'. There are many many methods that can be used. It a matter of doing the method as total as possible. Be be absolutely total, not psuedo or half-assed."

Well thanks for the distinction.

"How much of your own thinking is really your decision? How much control do you really have over 90% of what you think? And/Or in what you do?"

I take full responsibility for my decisions. How about you?

"Every time you go to look at the time, you will come to find how much of a robot you are."

It's called being human. If one doesn't think about the fact that the watch is on the other hand the natural impulse would be to look where it normal is placed. This directly contradicts you "stop thinking" paradigm... in this case one would want to think before they act in order to adjust for what is out of the norm. So thinking would be non-robotic.

"This is what you had said previously: Love made me feel alive. You used the past tense. I asked you about this previously but you blew a hari instead of replying to that series of questions. You got angry. The relative question was:  You said it in the past tense. Do you not now feel alive? Are you not now experiencing love? "

That is a lie, I certainly did reply to your message and questions, I told you I was speaking of when I was in my mothers womb. You obviously ignorred that message. I have already stated that I always feel the emotion love, as you have quoted me above.

"I can accept it if you misspoke. But I suspect that you did not misspeak."

I did not speak at all.

"Love may be present within the field of consciousness but it only comes to you when your ego is absent."

That's what you think.

"Ego is the enemy of Love. You may not know it, you may not be certain what has disappeared from the scene, but you feel something else has descended upon you which you call Love. Love comes to you when the ego is absent."

In your theory of oneness without separation, nothing would be absent.

"You many not be certain of it, you can only be amazed by it when it happens. You are simply in a state of awe. It is better not to be rational about, not to intellectualize it. All you can do is allow it to happen. There is no need to explain it, understand, but just be totally possessed by it. And this total possession by Love will bring a new birth to you, a new life, and a new world all around."

And yet you continue to try to explain that which you think should not be explained. It's a setup for failure.

"Ego consists of all the knowledge that one has collected & borrowed from sources outside of himself."

This is not possible according to your oneness without separation theory.

"The more accumulated knowledge one collects within himself, the more puffed up & bloated and ego becomes."

That's what you think.

"It becomes a barrier for Love to reach to you."

Knowledge is a barrier to Love?

"The ego always tries to go upsteam, against the current, whereas Love goes with the current, it flows with the current, it is a deep relaxation."

Then why is your theory counter to the prevailing current?

"When Love comes, know that you have said goodbye to the ego. As long as ego is not present, Love will continue to flow. When you feel that it is slipping away, know well the ego is re-entering the scene, the ego is but a habit. A deep-seated habit."

Again this is counter to the oneness without separation theory.

"It already exists in the field of consciousness. This doesn't mean that the people of the human collective are aware that it already exists. As was said before, people pray for something because they don't believe that it already exists. That is the paradigm that exists on the planet today. When a certain percent of the human collective understands this (as in the 'hundredth monkey') then the paradigm will shift more dramatically."

Your reaching on this one, It was a rough recovery, but I will give you some leeway on this one.

"You don't understand it because you think prayer is asking for something."

No I don't where did you pull that from? Your making $h!# up. That is totally dishonest of you...what a disgrace.

"On the other hand, a sincere prayer is being thankful, it is a silent gratitude for what we have already been given."

That's what you think.  You have given nothing to bolster such a statement.

"Authentic prayer is spontaneous. A real prayer has nothing to do with words, it is non verbal."

Sorry. You can't change the meaning of a word for the sake of expedience of debate.


1 [prair] Show IPA
1.a devout petition to God or an object of worship.
2.a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.
3.the act or practice of praying  to God or an object of worship.
4.a formula or sequence of words used in or appointed for praying: the Lord's Prayer.
5.prayers, a religious observance, either public or private, consisting wholly or mainly of prayer.

"A learned prayer, a practiced prayer, is a false prayer. It is a repeated habit."

That's not what the definition of the word states.

"There is no conflict. The conflict is in your mind."

LOL! Think about it!

"This is an example of how your mind is 'coloring' the reality, your interpretation has tainted the words I've said."

Your words are tainted by inaccurate meaning that you seem to apply on a whim.

"Miscommunication results.  See how your monkey mind works?"

I thoiught it was a robotic mind, Your veiled insult is ironic considering the former sentence.

"It doesn't fit with the common given definition of religious because the common masses are generally asleep sheep."

Wow! That is a shallow response, now, you are the authority on the word religious because "the common masses are generally asleep sheep."

"They've been sold a bag of notions, philosophies & concepts that they have grown up believing are their own. "

The notion of communication? And its infinite possibilities...that notion?

"Religiousness to me means something entirely distinct & separate from what is referred to as 'established' religions."

Well thats great and just what is that definiton exactly?

"Religiousness is entirely an individual affair."

LOL! That contradicts your oneness without separation theory.


1150–1200; Middle English religioun  (< Old French religion ) < Latin religiōn-  (stem of religiō ) conscientiousness, piety, equivalent to relig ( āre ) to tie, fasten ( re- re-  + ligāre  to bind, tie; compare ligament) + -iōn- -ion; compare rely

"Religiousness is a quality, not an organization. Established religions are for the most part are as dead as rocks. They don’t flow, they don’t change, they don’t move with the times."

Au contraire mon frere.

"Only one who knows his being is authentically religious.'

Is that so, I beg to differ.

"Knowing arises up from within. It comes from the internal source that lies within you. It is true information. That what information means, that which is 'form'-ed from 'in' - by way of intuition. It is knowledge that comes from the spiritual source that lies within oneself."

Separate from the oneness?

"The Knowledge you are speaking of, on the other hand, comes from sources outside of yourself, it is borrowed from others, it comes from books, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, ect. "

LOL! Talk about ego. What is this particular and separate knowledge I "speak" of?

"All that you think you know, all that you think of as knowledge is rubbish."

What a pompous statement.

"Know it as rubbish and drop it."

Is that the best you can do?

"All that is borrowed, all that is learned from others — and all that you think you know is learned from others — has to be dropped."

Oh, but you have the real knowledge, right? And you came up with it all about ego will you.

"It is humiliating: to carry it and to declare that it is knowledge is humiliating. It is not any kind of treasure that you think it is."

I fully agree with this as an analysis of your own "knowledge". Whatever that is. You'll probably just change the defintion when it is expedient to do so, that way it can flow like poison through the veins of society.

"Drop knowledge and one will come to know himself, will come to know his being as Love."

I answer this with a quote by you, "Only one who knows his being is authentically religious.'

"As long as you have let go of your knowledge, the real treasure of your being is uncovered and present."

Obviously not words of wisdom considering the following...


[wiz-duhm] Show IPA
the quality or state of being wise;  knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.
"Love will continue to flow within & without, it will continue flowing, it will not stop. But the moment you pick knowledge back up, ego enters, being gets covered over, and Love will seemingly disappear from the scene."
Love will NEVER disappear. Not ever.
"And this is the reason why you wrote: Love made me feel alive."
No I wrote that because it is the TRUTH.

"Because when you are writing, ego is present, the dictionary is present, the knowledge that you think is your treasure is in the forefront. And thus, you were referring to a memory, a time when you remembered feeling Love, when the ego had momentarily disappeared, and you wrote Love 'made me feel alive'."

See I told you I answered you question, but you distorted the TRUTH.

"Drop the rubbish, and relax into your being and you will feel Love flowing."

LOL! One man's trash is another man's treasure. That's the TRUTH. I hope you enjoy the MUDSTREAM paradigm. May it flow like the meanings of your words.


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