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Help! Two questions.. My experience and Parasite bites?? by candida odie ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   2/14/2012 4:40:00 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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So, I think I have systemic parasites. My symptoms, it started with small bouts of anxiety from July to November. Then one day I ate something with paprika and all of my skin began to burn. Went away in a few hours. The next week I was eating pizza (with garlic sauce and pineapple) and that whole night my skin burned everywhere. Over the next few months I had every test done and everything checks out okay. BUT, my health is not. I first started candida cleanse, didn't really do much. Between anxiety, Depression (nothing I can control either), dry mouth, moving sensations, lack of appetite, burning skin I am spent!

The first question is, anyone out there that has systemic parasites with these symptoms? Besides the anxiety and depressive waves, the skin is the worst! For a better part of the day it burns (almost anywhere). When the moon was full the other night, my body just twitched everywhere (worst in the legs, but I mean everywhere). I've started again (second try, first didn't last long couldn't take the anxiety/burning) taking garlic consistently for the last couple of days. I've noticed a little red scab here and there, on my legs, arms. I picked one scab and it bled hard (and it's so tiny!)

So that's my other question, anyone else trying supplements to clear parasites from the system get these weird red scabs? I even have one on my ear, and there is "something" right by it.. I hate to imagine that it is a parasite, but suspecting. Makes me want to cut the area open and see, since I haven't seen much in the stool except they are undigested in part and mucous at times (after taking whole garlic).

I am off the depo shot and symptoms started around that time also, hormones show imbalance but everything I've tried for that just isn't helping and some of these symptoms just don't match up (like the scabs)?

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