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Wombat's post on Stomach cancer that i didn't appreciate at the time.... by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/9/2012 11:11:20 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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43 day old post by Wombat:


My Mom is home from hospital after 13 days.....she is pretty much back, it took awhile for her body to heal enough to more fully inflate her right lung.

So, this morning she mentions having an acid reflux problem for years and then mentions having Barret's esophagus....which I thought I had never heard of. And of course I whip out my computer and type in Barret's esophagus and read a bit about it....a precancerous condition that appears to be stomach type cells growing in the esophagus...they think it is from stomach acid getting into the espohagus and the body adapting to it.

anyway, so then I google Barret's esophagus Iodine and didnt get too much so I google Barret's esophagus Iodine curezone and whatta you know, there is Wombat's wonderful post that now makes more sense to me. Barret's esophagus tissue has little to no NIS (Sodium Iodide Symporter--the molecule that helps transport Iodine into the cells) present in it.
And since no NIS, no iodine can be transported into the cells. And if you have been here long enough you know that the body won't make NIS if it is iodine deficient because it is a waste of energy to make a molecule it doesn't need.

so in this scenario I don't know exactly how that works....Does the reflux into the esophagus create a situation where more iodine is needeso the iodine available get used quickly and then there is a void so the body stops making NIS or is the scenario different than that, probably someone else could speculate better on that....

but, big picture, it is another clue to Iodine deficiency.

So Wombat, thanks so much for your continued digging and sharing.....I am continually amazed and impressed.

you never know when or how the information you post will turn up to help someone. That last sentence is for everyone here!!!!!

I love you guys!


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