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What to do with stray puppies by anymouse ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   2/5/2012 11:05:30 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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My sister just got some stray puppies to give away. They are apparently part lab, part St. Bernard, part collie. She doesn't know how old they are, but their eyes are open and she appears confident that they are weaned. "Oh, I'm sure they're 8 weeks," she says. At first, she was saying that the mother (the stray) had abandoned them after they were weaned, but then later she said that they had shot her. So, I am no longer confident that they were properly weaned.
They are staying in our old chicken coop/run (a racoon got the last chicken a while back, so it was unoccupied) until she can get to Target to give them away. She was going to give them away Saturday, but it was too cold. She gave us this horrible puppy food, Family Pet Crunch Um's Puppy, to feed them, in the first 9 ingredients, the only non grain items were chicken by product meal(2), animal fat(6), and animal digest(9). Yesterday, when we put them in the coop, I gave them a few drops of Lugols Iodine in their water, but I can't give them any more, because the Iodine level in the bottle went below the level of the dropper. They were whining a lot, and we didn't know precisely why, but I now have a theory. Tonight we took them inside to put them in a cat carrier for the night, they whined even when we were holding them, which seems to negate my theory that they wanted more attention, but my sister's dogs (male) were at our house, and they started chasing them around. When they caught them, they started trying to nurse, which the adult male dogs didn't care for.

I thought of buying some ground turkey and/or beef liver, or some other cheap human grade meat, but I haven't gotten to the store. My budget is very limited anyway. I would like to take one myself, but again, my budget is very limited. I am tempted to get one anyway, but I don't know how likely that actually is.

I read that puppies should have certain training by the time they are 8 weeks, and I am sure these puppies have had none at all. They seem pretty friendly. Given that they will be outside dogs, what training should we be giving them over the next few days until they are given away? Also, do you have any inexpensive advice for an alternative to the horrible dog food she gave us?

Also, two of the puppies that are not at our house are blind and part blind. My sister is keeping them. I suppose she must not feel comfortable giving away blind puppies. Is there anything nutritional we can do for these puppies. Does their blindness tell you anything significant about them or their littermates?

I forgot to mention that the pound wouldn't take them for some reason, perhaps because they were not inside city limits, but maybe for some other reason. This isn't really important to my question I suppose, but I can imagine someone suggesting it, so I thought I should mention it.

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