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Help! My feces smell like Death after taking SBOs (Prescript-Assist)! by 9983 ..... Soil Based Organisms Forum

Date:   1/29/2012 5:35:15 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hello, I really need help and I'm sorry if this is rather personal information, but I need some answers.

I recently started taking Prescript-Assist and it suddenly made me very constipated. I usually don't have a problem with this at all, so I knew it was related to starting the SBOs. Well, today it finally moved. The problem is that it smells like Death itself made its home in my colon. That's the best I can describe the smell. I have smelled nothing like it before. It's unforgettable and once it's smelled, it won't leave the sinuses, it's that sharp and cloying. The most absolutely horrible smell I have ever experienced in my life. My feces were also blackish-green and sticky like tar.

I am just horrified that that came out of me and I'm imagining that my intestines are being putrified alive. What's worse is the fact that that was stuck in me for a few days because of the constipation. What kind of poisoning could that have done to me while it was stuck in there?! Immediately afterwards I jumped in the shower as I could not stand the feeling of having that come out of me... I feel so dirty and contaminated.

My question is... is this normal?!?! I have never run across this while reading up on SBOs. Normally they all say that colon activity gets healthier and more regular after starting to take it. Nothing at all about how the inside of the body smells like something died in there.

I have only taken it for a few days now. My immediate impulse is to stop taking it and hope I return to normal. I otherwise feel fine, but I'm afraid that if some fecal material somehow winds up in my bloodstream it could cause massive poisoning to my body. I want to know if this is something to be expected and will get better? Or should I stop the SBOs immediately?

Thank you.

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