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you have dermodex mites infection by michellekansas ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   1/20/2012 6:55:41 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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80%of skin problems are caused by this mites.and doctors who want to warn people lost thier licenses. USA is infested with over gorw of this mites that many people have to take meds all their life to mask the symptoms.all a walking source of mites!

spice oils kill them. take pills, 20% of spice oils add to astringent also kill them.
eat probiotics a lot helps to starve them.
This is the problem of whole US and Europe: I got infested very easily, not like in China.too many people have ezxema, acnes, and proriosis here. I got re-infested all the time, and hard to get rid of each time.
They live in your intestine, inner, and outside skin.
it's said bath in 3%salt with cayenne pepper(2 cup salt +half cup caynne)helps. rub olive oil afterwards.
my syptom gets instantly better if I go back to China, and get cured there.
It can't be cured here, becasue you all are kept in dark by drug companies.This mite will not kill you, and antihistamine and steroid will make you don't feel them, so you're hooked to drugs all your life.Try go to doctors and they will tell you you have allergy, your immune system is down.and get you hooked to medicine all your life.
get menthol crystols, heard it work just the same as spice oil.

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