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Date:   1/4/2012 1:37:46 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I'm not a nuby and I usually hang out on Iodine Forum but haven't been around much in a few months. Once again, my idiotiness (for not keeping up with the flushes) has brought me back here!

I have done 9 Liver Flushes but have not done one in the last 4 years. Shame on me! I know! I was going about life thinking I had won the war and boom it hit me in a way it never has before. I did my coffee enema's back then regularly, my parasite cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, Iodine & supplements and then I just stuck with doing The Master Cleanse every year. I do those 3 times per year.

But I want to share what I think really helped me this time with belching, pain and heart issues. Just so you know, I have a doctor appointment on Friday after being in the E.R. on Christmas. Thought I was having a heart attack because it sounded like my heart was regurgitating if I laid down. Even when I stood sometimes. I was in freak mode by then. Sleeping fully upright leaning only on right side.

The E.R. gave me valium and i.v. drip. Everything stopped and I had no more pain or palpatations. They couldn't find anything even though by pulse was out of control when I arrived. When I got home that evening everything started up again because the valium had wore off.

I started having a headache. Because I take 200mcg. selenium for headaches that is what I did. As soon as I took the selenium at midnight the horrible belching stopped within 10 minutes along with racing pulse (another 5 minutes) and back washing sensation in my heart. At 6am (I am sleeping perfectly upright-belching and heart racing start a up again) I take another selenium and the belching and heart racing stop again within 15 minutes. I then consume 250mg. each of potassium and magnesium because these are VWT Iodine Supplementation Support extra's. Bingo! All of the pain is gone except for some burning under heart area on left side. One hour later I take the potassium and magnesium again and another hour later I do this again. Then I add 1000mg. Vit. C and continued until I reached 3000mg. by the end of day.

I stayed on supplements and a puree diet of fruit, vegetables, hemp seeds, Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds until new years eve. I had a tiny bit of soup offered to me with cheese and that sent me for another round of the same pain, palpatations and racing heart. I immediately took a 200mcg. selenium and everything stopped. This led me to believe that I needed to do a coffee enema and boy did I feel better. Slept 2 hours. Last night I felt so good that when I woke up I was sleeping on my back barely elevated and this is a big thing. Felt pretty good.

I've been taking Malic Acid and about to start HC's liver cleanse in a bit and hope I can start to remedy this situation. Curious to find out what doc says after my appt. Friday. Not that I'm going to share my desire to consume a particular set of foods today.

Thought I would share and see if anyone has had similiar results with selenium and or maybe hear a theory or two, on why this made such a huge difference in my case.
By the way, I used a Zapper for the first time two weeks prior and the day before the attack! Thanks, HH


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