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Re: B2 works for me - a miracle!!! by #137856 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   1/3/2012 1:07:36 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Congratulations on finding what helps with your BO and thank you for sharing.

Are you going through perimenopause? I started having BO at the age or 49 and suspect that was the straw that broke the camel's back that started the BO. I'm suspecting it's multiple things that caused my BO.

Like you, two weeks before my menses the BO will get stronger.

Watching that I don't eat foods with a foul smell and eating small portions of those that are necessary but cause BO has really helped. Chlorophyll liquid as been a blessing as well.

Stinky sweaty feet are the worst. In the summer, sandals are a great way to reduce the sweat and odor. But in the winter, the only thing is to take an extra pair or two of shoes to work and switch by mid day and wear cotton socks/footies. They have the new ones that go around your foot made of cotton. I make it a point to take two pairs to work with me to also change during mid day. Panty hose or knee highs will make feet sweat even more even though it's 8 degrees and snowing outside. Wrapping your shoes in a plastic bag and putting them in the freezer for at least 24 hrs. will also help to kill odor producing bacteria in the shoes. Foot powder and deodorant on the soles of your feet are also other ways to reduce/eliminate the odor. Also, don't use the same shoes every day, alternate. With normal wear shoes start smelling but with people with BO, they seem to start smelling much sooner. It seemed like two weeks after buying a new pair of shoes I'd have to buy another pair and no one has that kind of money. The suggestions above seemed to help. If everything's been tried to reduce the odor in the shoes and nothing helps, it's time to throw them out.

Again, thanks for giving us what's helped you. :)


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