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many shamppoo has lice killing medicine by michellekansas ..... Scabies Forum

Date:   12/9/2011 1:27:18 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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which leads me to believe that US medicine knows the truth, just hides from us, for new medicine to come out to rule the world. But the new medicine is aiming to change the genes in human.Whose genes need to be altered? I studied many Chinese and India medicine ingredients, and have the astonishing findings: They're in the right direction even if they might not know what's really going on in the body, becasue they have no advanced medical techlology before.I just found out some creams I brought years ago, for other reason, and it say:also for ezxema cure. I use them, thye're mild, soothing, anti-itching, and the ingredients in it is really helping the skin regrow in the mean time killing.
Chinese medicine is made by millions of small factories, no monoply so far.most ingredients are open to the public, no one will go and make medicine themselves, when they will always find a cure. If western medicine will not cure, they'll go tradition, and people can also just go buy over the counter cheap creams, which is around $1 in cities, and in pennies at countryside.
I can't say I love china still, the chemicals are destroyongit, and humans are crazy about money right now, that no much morals are left there. But the tradition is still struggling there. I don't think they can be easily lead to gene altering. The tradition is too deep there. Unless we catch up real soon, we'd be buying their medicine, that can not happen.
My goal is to make myself healthy, and help more people, and make money tring to make mild safe creams buying ingredients that are not provided here over seas for now, so that be more able to give out meds people needed, and have no money .More people cured by me, will make my voice heard.20 is too small a number, I'm aiming to 200 at first.
Doctors say all the things about my diseases:scabies, Norweigen scabies, vagina scabies, dermatitis, hives, ezxema, severe ezxema, blood tube hives, psorisis, dry skin, UTI, and all they could give are either antihistamine, steroid, pesticides, Antibiotics that does not work, and teaching me ways that hurt my skin permanantly more, or ask me to apply moisturizes, that feed them more.

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